Gravity Falls - Evil Mabel

This episode consists of 15 parts.


This is an episode of Gravity Falls where Dipper gets suspicious when he sees Mabel doing bad things.


Disney Channel




One day at the Mystery Shack, Mabel is in her side ofthe attic plotting something. Every time Dipper looks, he doesn't see her, but she is there. Dipper gets suspicious when he sees Mabel again, and she's:

  1. Wearing a black shirt that has the words "EVIL" on it in red, and a flame behind it
  2. Half a foot taller than Dipper
  3. Some sort of weaponry in her pocket?

The next day, he sees Mabel attacking Soos to the death. Then, she destroys the Mystery Shack, and last, but not least, she walked towards Dipper. Uhhhh... thought Dipper. Please don't be me, please don't be me...

But bad news, it was Dipper.

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