Great Aether is Princess Mackenzie's second final smash and it makes Ike's final smash 1. When Princess Mackenzie starts doing the great aether, Ike is hitted by her final smash 2. In Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars, Aether and Ike (Smash Wars)'s second final smash is Big Aether (Final Smash 2). Ike gets hit by Ranger, she has a more-great aether than Ike.

Final Smash 1Edit

Great Aether is Ike's final smash. Ike's final smash is similar to Princess Mackenzie's Big Aether and Link's Triforce Slash.

Final Smash 2Edit

Great Aether is Princess Mackenzie's second final smash. I think Ranger would get hit by and Ranger is supposted to get back to Ike and Morio. Sheok is supposted to have a ranger to meet.


Ranger's Big Aether, Rosalina's Luma Storm, Mario's Super Mario Transform and Loigi's Race Slash is similar to Great Aether.

SSS and SSSMEdit

I think Ike first appeared in SSSM. He is similar to Princess Mackenzie from Super King Tut. He has a cape on it and Ike needs another Ike or Hike.


We can dress up in a Halloween Area and get treats and candy. We think Ike needs Loigi and Morio with Tasha and Princess Mackenzie. Princess Mackenzie's Moves are not simiar to Katrina and Ella.

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