Gredec Thal
Race: Unknown
Home Planet: Gilgameth
Age: Unknown
Status: Deceased
  • 2.9 Welcome To Your Wildest Dreams
  • 3.7 One Last Chance To Dream...
  • 6.4 Dreamworld

Gredec Thal is a recurring antagonist in the Australian science fiction series Chronicles of Ascenia. He makes his first appearance in season two's "Welcome To Your Wildest Dreams", where the Vardalaya crashes on the exotic planet of Gilgameth.


Gredec Thal is a malevolent and powerful sorcerer-type that can use illusions to drain the lives of others; e.g illusions of a victim's desires (Welcome To Your Wildest Dreams), or the victim's worst fears (One Last Chance To Dream...). He can also cause a victim to relive their memories as a rewarding or torture device (Dreamworld).

On Gilgameth he attacks the crew of the Vardalaya with their wildest dreams; gives Sarn Vivec his love, permits V'edali in an eternal battle, makes Edevik king of Seyndrius and gives Sejic every ship he ever wanted. He masquerades as a key person in each dream, in Sarn's he is Sarn's fiancée Breela's father Lah'tee, later an Audeliran ambassador on "Sarn's world" when the crew begins to catch on to him, a watcher over V'edali and his battle and then a fellow warrior, Edevik's advisor, and a ship dealer that sells the ships to Sejic. When Gredec looses power from all four of the crew from recognising him; he is trapped in another reality; a simple metal hallway, whereupon Sarn shoots him to death. (Welcome To Your Wildest Dreams)

However Gredec does not die, he survives and bides his time, trapping the Vardalaya in a space loop and exacting his revenge by making the crew experience their fears. Sarn is continuously killed by Sangrealic, V'edali is persecuted for his crimes and tortured on Chevonia, Gorgvek captures Edevik, Sejic watches as his kin are eaten by Betrussians, and Dreeshak dies and turns to stone, but is shattered. Gredec gains in power from their fears, but he is once again outplayed by Sarn Vivec and this time expelled from the Vardalaya air bay, sent into deep space. (One Last Chance To Dream...)

Of course Gredec has one last fight in him, and returns once more

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