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Green Arrow is a 2012 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow directed and written by Talix. It stars Justin Hartley as the titluar lead role and alter ego, Oliver Queen; as well Ben Kingsley, Natalie Portman, James Cromwell, Patrick Kilpatrick, Eric Balfour, Ken Wanntabe, Sean Maher, Sheryl Lee, and Max Thieriot. The film tells the origins of the character, and use several themes from Green Arrow: The Wonder Year and Green Arrow: Year One; the film set the release of May 12, 2012. One of the main taglines is "He's a marksman... an archer... and a vigilante all in one...".


In the year 1998, we first see Oliver Queen as a fifteen year old kid whose hobby is in archery well as having the cockiest attitude; he usually travels with his father, Robert Queen, in some of his father's company ventures, but one which young Ollie sees poor people and the desperate is going to change how he thinks he wants his future to be. When he helps one of the poor families with some much needed necessities, he one day dreams to be a protector for the poor, the good, and the deserving much like a modern-day robin hood. Before he wants to pursue that dream, his father advises him to watch him carefully taking care of the family's company, Queen Industries because Oliver might run it one day.

On June 21 of that year when the Queens departed from their hometown, Star City, to arrive in some part of the Indies, Oliver stayed behind only because he wants to focus more on his studies, but on the next day their plane mysteriously crashed killing them and leaving Oliver devastated and parentless. Two day after his parents' death, the Queen's longtime friend and personal bodyguard, Jack "Hackett" Smith takes care of young Oliver as well become the interim CEO until Oliver is old enough to run it.

Soon after his parents' death, Ollie graduated from high school and after two years in the Ivy League, the movie flash forwards to 2008 as we see the 25 year old Oliver Queen, as he is now the successor for Queen Industries as well as an rich, thrill seeking activist--such as skydiving off a jet, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, and off-roading with a high-tech atv. However, his biggest thrill, that will unknowingly change him forever, is when he mistakenly rant at a yacht party drunken and decides to go out for a voyage on his yacht with his bodyguard, Hackett, who is now second-in-command after Ollie took over his family's company.

However, in a strange twist of fate Hackett betrays him as Hackett is working for a secret organization, who manipulated him to be the leader of a drug smuggling ring. Hackett leaves Ollie for dead, and while he is off somewhere taking the Queen's spoils, Ollie is washed up on a deserted and strange island with nowhere to go home; forced to use any way possible in order to survive, Ollie does his best not to die as he finds various ways to be occupied. During his stay on the island, he meets the inhabitants and judging them he thinks they are hostile, but in his surprise they teach him how to hunt fiercely and how to improve his archery skills; unbeknowst to Ollie and his new friends, they discover a smuggling operation that somehow caused him to be deserted is being housed on the island he is on and with some help of the islanders, he begins to take down the large group of smugglers. However, Oliver interrogates one of the smugglers and tells Oliver much about Hackett betraying him and that he is working for "them".

Wanting to know where is Hackett and who is them that helped him abandoned Ollie on the island, Oliver finds a way to make a boat and with the help of the islanders, he returns to his home, Star City. It's been fourth months since his island exile and now that he is back, Ollie, with his new abilities and skills, wants to find Hackett and the secret group who arranged all of this; however, Ollie will learn what has happened to Queen Industries and learn a dark secret that this shadowy organization might have been responsible for his parent's plane crash and their death.

To find the truth, he begins on the road of rebellion as he slowly reject help from police and other support and becomes a secret vigilante to show the city he means business, he adopts the persona of Green Arrow by adopting a robin hood figure by stealing things from the rich and give to the poor, but is using it as some sort of cover up; While becoming the Green Arrow, he starts shifting his two identities: the handsome, thrill-seeker Oliver Queen, and the secret vigilante Green Arrow; yet he finds out his old college flame, Brianna Stone, has returned to Star City as well becoming one of Star Ledger's top reporters and he is seeing a chance to rekindle that relationship he had years ago. However, she is going to find out who this unknown Green Arrow is and why he comes to Star City.

Keeping his alias as Green Arrow a secret from the people who knows him, while using the alias into finding the answers, but by continuing to do this he faces a huge obstacle between him and the truth and that is Count Vertigo. In the battle with Vertigo, Green Arrow has to use his new archery skills and knowledge to create new arrows in order to stop him and uncover the mysterious organization. Yet during the movie, Oliver's loyalty and trust is going to be pushed to the limits when his new persona is quickly becoming the city's most wanted criminal; his pursuit to find the truth and the path he sees by stealing from the rich leads him to a road of betrayal to the future of being that protector he always dreamed of, but unwittingly puts the people he care about in harm's way; soon in the end he will soon confront the person who was responsible for his disappearance.


  • Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow Oliver is 25 years old, tall and blonde; extremely charismatic with an affable demeanor. His is well known for his wit and subtle humor; he is very easy to talk to and is a thrill seeking activist. He is currently the CEO and owner of his family's company, Queen Industries. After a drunken rant at a party, he goes for a voyage on his yacht with his bodyguard, Hackett, but strange events lays him unconscious as Hackett betrays him deserting Ollie, but Ollie washes up on a thought-to-be deserted island. Soon he is forced to use any way to survive as well, he meets the inhabitants of the island only to learn their ways to eventually coming back to Star City four months after. Once back, he is sole determined to the secret organization and the truth of his family's death and why Hackett betrayed him; he eventually suits up to become a Robin Hood-like vigilante, the Green Arrow, and uses the theme of Robin Hood, steal from the rich give to the poor as a cover up. While keeping his secret, he reunites with Brianna, and tries to rekindle a relationship. While as the Green Arrow, he fights off with Count Vertigo, who is apart of the organization he is looking for, as well another figure who's also part of the group. But during the film he will be tested in his loyalty and trust that will eventually lead him to the rebellious hero known in the comics as Oliver will discover maybe adopting the Robin Hood theme isn't that bad.

As learning new archery skills part from the teachings he learned from his island stay, Ollie invents new trick arrows with various special functions in order to battle Count Vertigo; some of the arrows range from a net arrow, explosive arrow, time bomb arrow, grappling arrow, flash arrow, tear gas arrow, and a very unique arrow.

  • Ben Kingsley as Werner Vertigo/Count Vertigo Werner is a former long time scientist for Queen Industries, but when he was fired by Oliver, shortly before his island exile, Vertigo developed a mechanical eye piece to supplement his hereditary cornea defect that affected his balance. Using this eye piece, he manipulated it to affect other people’s balance as well, distorting their perceptions so that they literally couldn’t tell up from down. His true allegiance is revealed later in the film as he is part of the secret organization, that also Hackett is a part of and possibly the same people who are responsible for the Queens's plane to crash down. He soon discovers the mysterious avenger, Green Arrow start asking questions about the organization and starts battling the new foe.
  • Jessica Biel as Brianna Stone Brianna is Ollie's childhood best friend, returns to Star City to start a new life after spending four years in Metropolis after finishing college. Once back, she instantly becomes one of Star Ledger's top reporters after accepting a job offer during her stay in Metropolis. Soon hearing Oliver Queen is back from a strange hiatus, she have a problem trusting Ollie again since he haven't communicate with her during her Metropolis stay; later, Ollie attempts to not only rekindle their friendship but their intimate relationship. During that, she learns of a vigilante appearing everywhere in Star City and she tries to uncover who is the masked man known as the Green Arrow--not knowing its Oliver in disguise.
  • James Cromwell as Mr. Stone/The Clock King Mr. Stone is a mysterious figure who appears frequently in the city and has a fascination of clocks. His rigid sense of order and timing is what makes him mysterious and weird; he always use his pocket watch to know what time is it and estimates the time of his task; it is learned he is the liaison of the secret organization, who soon helps Count Vertigo and Hackett with what they half to do in the city. As liaison, Mr. Stone has direct communication to the organization as they soon discover the Green Arrow is searching for them. He, acting for the organization, gives Count Vertigo the go ahead to kill the Green Arrow and Oliver Queen. It is later learned towards the end; Mr. Stone was responsible for letting Oliver be deserted on the island. Throughout the story he will be known as Mr. Stone, but in comic lore he is more known as the Clock King.
  • Patrick Kilpatrick as Hackett Jack "Hackett" Smith was the Queen's friend and personal bodyguard; he took over as a parent-figure to young Oliver once his parents died in a plane crash. While taking care of Oliver, he took over Robert's position until Ollie was old enough and when Ollie was matured to take over the company, Hackett matured as well and still give some helpful advice as Queen Industries No. 2. When Ollie takes apart on a yacht voyage, Hackett joined as well, but soon he betrayed Ollie and leaves him to die overboard. Soon we find out his betrayal was caused by him working for a mysterious organization, who appointed Hackett as leader of a drug smuggling ring, that unknowningly caused Oliver to be washed up on a deserted island. When Oliver returned to Star City, Ollie becomes the Green Arrow as he seeks the truth of Hackett's betrayal, uncovering the organization's identity, and the reason of Robert and Laura's death.
  • Eric Balfour as Eddie Fyers Eddie Fyers is a undercover FBI agent as a Star City cop who is sent by the goverment to find the identity of a masked vigilante who Feyers thinks is terrorizing the city. He meets Oliver in a untold place where Feyers unintentionally learns the identity of Green Arrow and as a promise to keep Oliver's secret, he gives Oliver information about the crimes happening in the city, but Eddie later finds out Green Arrow is becoming more of a criminal.
  • Ken Watanabe as Natas Natas is a master martial artist who met Oliver, when Oliver was deserted on a island; he trains Oliver most of his skills if he need to survive. He soon helped Oliver with taking down the large group of smugglers who suddenly landed on the island.
  • Sean Maher as Robert Queen Robert Queen was the founder and CEO of Queen Industries, and the father of Oliver Queen and the husband of Laura Queen. He doubted about Werner Vertigo's commitment to the company as he suspects something strange is happening inside his company; he even once doubted his trust in Hackett, but still trust him to watch over Oliver if something bad happens to either him or Laura. When he and Laura embark on a summer vacation on June 21, 1998, they leave Oliver under Hackett's protection as they embark away from Star City to the Indies, but on the same day something terrible happened that resulted to the plane to crash down and ending up killing him and his wife.
  • Sheryl Lee as Laura Queen Laura Queen is the mother of Oliver Queen and the wife of Robert Queen. She was typically the housewife, but was a powerful accountant. When she and Robert embark on a summer vacation on June 21, 1998, they leave Oliver under Hackett's protection as they embark away from Star City to the Indies, but somehow a terrible thing happened that resulted to the plane to crash down and killing them.
  • Max Thieriot as Young Oliver Young Oliver Queen is a fifteen year old young cocky male who loves to shoot arrows as a hobby; during one of his father's company ventures, he helps a poor family with much needed necessities. By doing that, he dreams to be a protector for the poor, the good, and the deserving thinking more like a modern-day robin hood. On June 21, 1998 when his parents left for a trip to the Indies, Oliver decides to stay behind for his studies, but the same day, he learns his parent's plane crashed down killing them in the process. After his parents death, he is being taken care off by Hackett, his family bodyguard and friend, while Hackett takes over the company until Ollie is old enough to takeover.


Good Charlette's "Misery" is the main theme song for the film and main featured song of the Green Arrow: The Offical Movie Soundtrack".

Green Arrow: The Official Movie Soundtrack

1. Papa Roach - Silence Is the Enemy 2. Thousand Foot Krutch - Courtsey Call 3. Three Days Grace - Anonymous 4. Creed - Overcome 5. Breaking Benjamin - Crawl 6. Art of Dying - Die Trying 7. Hinder - Save Me 8. Sevendust - Karma 9. 3 Doors Down - What's Left 10. Saliva - Nothing 11. Staind - Throw It All Away


  • Scott Eastwood, Charlie Hunnam, Hayden Christensen, Orlando Bloom, and Theo James were considered for the role of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow before Justin Hartley was cast.
  • Michelle Williams, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alice Eve, Rosamund Pike, and Michelle Monahagan were considered for the role of Brianna Stone before Jessica Biel was cast.


The film spans two sequels: Green Arrow 2: The Emerald Archer (2014) and Green Arrow 3 (2018).

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