Green Arrow 2: The Emerald Archer (or Green Arrow 2) is a 2014 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, directed and written by Talix. It is the sequel to its 2012 original, Green Arrow; Justin Hartley reprises his titluar lead role and alter ego, Oliver Queen; as he faces the dangerous Merlyn (Rufus Sewell), and the seductive siren vigilante, Black Canary (Kelly Carlson) as well old frineds Brianna Stone (Nathalie Portman) and Eddie Fyers (Eric Balfour) while in all searching for the identity of the secret organization. The film is set to release sometime in mid-Summer 2014.


The search for the mysterious organization’s identity lands Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) in serious trouble he never expected and wanting to know more about them makes him more determined than ever to uncover the truth. As Star City is adjusting to Green Arrow still being it’s most wanted, Oliver is quickly becoming famous than he even imagined as the public has various views on his alter ego—one specifically belonging to Brianna Stone (Nathalie Portman), as she still continues to find who is under that mask; and what makes things more interesting is that Oliver and Brianna wants to take their relationship to the next level, but a new obstacle is standing in their way and that is Dinah Lance (Kelly Carlson), Star Ledger’s newest reporter and unexpectedly Brianna’s rival. The two ladies race to find a perfect story about Green Arrow’s latest venture, but what the people of Star City and even Green Arrow don’t know is that there is another vigilante on the loose; Oliver still on the search for the organization’s identity soon discovers he has a new rival, the Black Canary. Amidst to the discovery of two vigilantes, Oliver with unexpected help from Dinah tracks a lead he thinks he been searching for is a wealthy philanthropist, Dimitri Valdenko (Rufus Sewell). The two share similar taste in everything, but what Oliver will soon uncover is that Dimitri aka Merlyn was sent by the organization to destroy him. Oliver will find out Merlyn does exactly everything he does and it would take a lot to stop this dangerous foe, as he even seeks help from his rival vigilante, Black Canary, but her mystique will really question is she really an ally to trust or is she merely a threat. Looming for the truth he been waiting for, Oliver will notice his search is putting him in more crosshairs now that Green Arrow’s fame is dimming, Black Canary is stealing the spotlight, and his newest foe, Merlyn, will stop at nothing to destroy Green Arrow. What can Green Arrow do? Become the protector he always dream of or let his dream burn down in flames just like his present…


  • Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow: Protagonist of the film; he is thrillseeker billionare/Robin Hood-like vigilante.
  • Rufus Sewell as Dimitri Valdenko/ Merlyn: The main antagonist of the film; he has deep connections to the organization Oliver is looking for; He is a master archer rival to Oliver's archery skills.
  • Kelly Carlson as Dinah Lance/ Black Canary: She is the mysterious vigilante that is stealing Green Arrow's spotlight as well having a siren-like scream; her alter ego, Dinah Lance, is the new Star Gazette reporter rivaling Brianna.
  • Natalie Portman as Brianna Stone: She is going to coninue finding the identity of Green Arrow, while playing games with the new reporter and wanting to move up her relationship with Oliver.
  • Eric Balfour as Eddie Fyers: He is Ollie's contact and the only one Oliver trust from the first film who knows he's Green Arrow. His relationship with Ollie is going to be tested when another vigilante strikes Star City. He is currently dating a waitress/teacher, Sarah Mars.
  • Rachel McAdams as Sara Mars: Part-time waitress and teacher, she is Eddie's girlfriend and sometimes questions his skills as an officer.
  • Alex Fernandez as Agent Beau: He is part of the FBI, who is sole determined to investigate the two vigilantes striking Star City.
  • Adetokumboh M’Cormack as Milo: Dimitri's second-in-command and bodyguard.
  • Robert Hoffman as James “Jam” Bard: He is Brianna's reporter partner.
  • Christine Rose as an “principal role”
  • Chris Klein as The unnamed organization’s new liaison

James Cromwell is set to return as Mr. Stone in the beginning of the film; Matt Lanter is cast as Roy Connor (Towards the end of the film, but nothing is confirmed of when he will appear); Max Thieriot returns as Young 15 year old Oliver in a scene in Oliver’s past that is important.

Rumors are saying Bill Kingsley is slating a return appearance as Count Vertigo; Sean Maher and Sheryl Lee both expected to appear in flashbacks as their respective roles Robert and Laura Queen.


Green Arrow, in order to face Meryln's archery skills, will make new and improved arrows. Some of the new ones are a static arrow, metal boxing-glov arrow, gas arrow, dart arrow, sticky arrow, fire arrow, and ice arrow.


The Arrowcar will appear in the film, but it will be different than its comic book counterpart beacuse it will feature a modern nano technology, cloaking ability, and jet-flight mode.


Unknown at this time.

Video Game

There will be another video game based on the fim, Green Arrow: The Emerald Archer (The Video Game).

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