Gregory Gómez Garcia II (b. May 23rd 1974, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico) is a Mexican born American film director known for using diverse themes such as faith, Spanish identity, violence, gang violence and splatter. He sites influences in Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Francesco de Liveri.

Early life

Gregory Gómez Garcia was born on the 23rd of May 1974 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico to Gregory Garcia Snr. and Isabella del Toros. He grew up with five siblings and was taught to speak in Spanish, and later English when his family moved to El Paso, Texas in 1980.

Garcia has said his first memory of cinema came in 1982, when he saw E.T with his father and brothers. Garcia was enthralled by the cinema experience. He attended El Paso Community College from 1994-1998, and graduated in 1999 with a degree in Cinematography.


Garcia directed his first short film in 2000, titled "Diabolos". A drama about a young Latino man who has doubts in his faith after his sister becomes possessed. The film is entirely in Spanish and runs for forty minutes, with most of the scenes shot in El Paso. The film was nominated in the El Paso Film Awards for Best Short Film and won, much to Garcia's surprise.

His next project was a 2002 EPF Award-winning drama, "Septembre", once again featuring themes of Spanish indentity and set against the crisis of 9/11, with a Mexican family struggling to move on from their death of their son, who worked at the World Trade Center.

Before beginning his next project, Garcia researched by watching several Quentin Tarantino films, a personal idol of his. His next film, "The Cong" is his first film in English, and depicts an aging Vietnam veteran who becomes a vigilante after his home becomes a crime-ridden cesspit. The film was released in 2006 to moderate reviews.

Personal life

In 2001 Garcia married his longtime partner Rose Long, and they have three children; Robert (b. 2000), Christina (b. 2002) and Gabriél (b. 2006). He and his family live in El Paso, where his film company Diabõlos Studios is based.

Future projects

At the February 12th premiere of his film Brad the Impaler Garvia told sources that his next project will be the sequel to Pistol Whipped, and has begun filming in late February. The film is either scheduled for November 30 2011 or January 1 2012 depending on time.

Garcia has also mentioned "Vigilàntes" in several interviews, and details have been few. He has said the film will be in the vein of his earlier movies, though it is a mobster film. James Garofino, a friend and collaborator of Garcia has been linked to the film, jokingly calling it "The Godfather with sombreros". Garcia has announced that he will begin filming "Vigilàntes" in Mexico after completing "Pistol Whipped Part II".

In December 2010 it was rumoured that Garcia would be directing the latest Suckers film instead of Francesco de Liveri. Garcia denied this soon after and said: There is absolutely no change in the director for the new Suckers movie, it's still 100% Francesco, I love that series but the only thing I have to do with it is I'm co-producing. I already have my filming schedule booked, so I' am not nor ever was going direct this new Suckers".


Directing credits

Production credits

  • Diabolos (2000)
  • Septembre (2002)
  • The Cong (2006)
  • Pistol (2008)