Harry Potter: Instead Of Ginny, Hermione was possessed by Riddle. Grey Harry/Ginny


Harry looked on in disgust at Hermione's unconscious body. Something had snapped the moment he had destroyed Riddle's Diary.

Hermione awoke, and saw Harry. "Harry, thank god you were okay, it wasn-", she was cut off.

"Shut up", Harry roared. Hermione looked taken aback, and slowly backed away.

"You Know. I looked forward for another year with Ron and Hermione, no danger or anything. Now it seems that one of my friends tried to kill me", he yelled.

"That wasn't me, it was Tom", Hermione whispered. "It was Tom", Harry mocked Hermione. Hermione felt tears in her eyes, and her normal bushy hair was more bushy than more.

Harry advanced on Hermione, and she screamed as Harry used his wand and flicked it. Her clothes got stripped off, and she screamed as Harry kissed her on the cheek.

"Pretty Mione", he whispered into her ear. She silently sobbed, even though the tears were pouring down. Harry kissed her small breasts, and slowly wandered down.

Hermione screamed in agony and in pain as Harry raped her. She was silent, when Harry had finished the deed.

She turned around, and saw Harry begging for forgiveness. "Please, Hermione. I don't know what happened. One minute, i was destroying the diary, and the next, i was here".

That seemed logical, Hermione thought as she layed there, cold and nude. "Will you do anything for me", Harry begged. "Yes", Hermione said.

Harry smirked. "You're my slave, Mione", he said. Hermione's mouth opened, and she tried to scream, but no words came out.

"If you refuse, you lose you're magic. What will the teachers say. 'Miss Granger, you are the worst person since blah blah blah", Harry taunted.

Hermione couldn't let go of her dream of doing magic. She would be a slave to Harry. She wouldn't care. She had to keep her magic.

"Fine", she said. "Slave, you will be here after the hospital wing at night which is in eight o'clock", and with that, Harry chucked Hermione her clothes.

Harry and Hermione got changed. "Slave, kiss the staute of the noble Salazar himself", Harry commanded. Hermione gave a shaky nod, and kissed the staute. It was cold.

"Now we better find Ronald and Gliderory, now, shall we", Harry led Hermione out. Hermione was silently crying. She would rather lose her magic, but another part of her didn't want that to happen.

"Harry, is that you", Ron's voice was heard behind the debris. Harry put a silencing charm, and turned to Hermione.

"You will not say a word or another event like tonight will happen yet again", he said, and Hermione could only nod in fear.

"I'm here", Harry called out. More to be continued.

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