Developer(s) Ultimo Gaming
Publisher(s) Ultimo Gaming
Designer(s) MJC100
Released About to be announced soon
Genre(s) Fighting/Action
Mode(s) Single Player, multiplayer, online multiplayer
Ratings ESRB: T
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii

Greyman is a game coming out from Ultimo Gaming that involves a character named Greyman, where he is in a world that everybody is in a stick human setting.

But, when Greyman gets tested on, he grows a giant fist and many more powers. Ever since, he has to defend his universe before it crumbles apart.



The main character that was transformed into a super human stick figure. He has to defend universe of Stick people before it crumbles apart.

Stick Man

The cousin of Greyman. Stick Man was trained into the art of ninjas and has a katana and many ninja aspects. Stick Man may be a threat aswell as a helper, all will be found out soon.


A Stick person that seems to have some sort of past with Stick Man. It is said that he had defeated Stick Man in battle long ago.

Bosses, Enemies, and Minors


  • Dr. Frankenstein - The man that transformed Greyman into a super powered stick person. He has also made Frankenstein and can transform into a ghost.
  • Miss Grey - A stick personn that imagines herself being married to Greyman.


  • Sewer Sticks - They are a group of stick people that dwell the sewers and try to eat the people that would dare to go into the sewers.
  • Stick Gangs - These are stick people that have gang wars and would rob stores, banks, etc. They would like to kill Greyman aswell.
  • Aliens - They are armed with alien technollogy and olnly appear several times throughout the game.



9000 a super human that traveled to the stick universe and is capturing and hunting them. When confrontedd by Greyman, Greyman would fight him to the last breath in order to save the people of the stick universe.

Tornado Striker

A giant tornado sent to destroy the universe of stick people. He is also a tornado that would grow larger by sucking up anything.

Alien Queen

The alien queen that had invaded the stick universe and is planning a plot to abduct Greyman and Stick Man.

Big Bean

A giant 50ft bean accidently created by Dr. Frankenstein. The Big Bean is able to squish buildings like nothing.


The dinosaurs that were brought back to the future on accident. These include Rex, Urono, and Stigma. They are mainly just over raged dinosaurs that attacked the place.

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