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Ground Wars is an upcoming FPS game.


Lethal GrenadesEdit

  • Frag - A regular grenade.

Tactical GrenadesEdit

  • Poison Gas - A grenade that emits a layer of poisonous gas.
  • Stun Grenade - A grenade that slows and disorients the target.
  • Decoy - A device that makes the enemy think you are where this is.


  • Claymore - A mine that is motion triggered.
  • C4 - Explosives that are manually detonated.


In Ground Wars, you can choose one of these special abilities to have in combat.

  • Juggernaut - 40% reduced bullet damage (except for sniper rifles), 25% reduced explosive damage.
  • Bandolier - Carry extra reserve ammo and grenades.
  • SitRep - 1 less kill needed for killstreaks.


3 kills:

  • UAV - Shows all enemies that don't have Ghost on the radar. Can be shot down.

4 kills:

  • Counter-UAV - Causes enemy radar to be blocked. Can be shot down.

5 kills:

  • Sentry Gun - A portable turret that guns enemies down. Can be destroyed.

6 kills:

  • Airstrike - Airstrike along a certain location of your choice. Can be shot down. (very hard to though)

7 kills:

  • Attack Helicopter - A helicopter that hovers over the battlefield, trying to kill any enemies. Can be shot down.
  • Combat Jet - Jet that tries to destroy any enemy killstreak in the air. Can be shot down.

8 kills:

  • Airdrop - A C-130 drops 3 random killstreaks.

10 kills:

  • Chopper Gunner - Get in the Gatling Gun of a helicopter and fire on your enemies. Can be shot down.
  • Attack Dogs - Dogs that hunt the enemy down. If killed, more respawn.
  • Battle Tank - Drive and control the tank's main cannon. Can be destroyed.

11 kills:

  • Chopper Pilot - Drive and shoot at your enemies from a helicopter. Can be shot down.
  • AC-130 - A gunship that has 3 avaliable cannons for use. Can be shot down.

20 kills:

  • Nuclear Bomb - A nuke comes in to kill everyone on the map and destroy all killstreaks. Only the team that called it in gets points for their enemies' deaths. This does not end the game.


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