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Guide to the Ghost World is episode of The Extremely Regular Show.


A new enemy, Reider is going to help Madou to defeat Shariban.


  • (This episode begins at Madou's Base)
  • Demon King Psycho: When can we kill Shariban kill him soon. I can build my empire soon.
  • Reider: (Off-screen) You are so hard working. Useless. With my skills. I can't defeat Space-Time Police Sheriff Shariban.
  • General Gyrer: Who? Come out!
  • Demon King Psycho: Who are you?
  • Reider: I am Reider. I am from the Death Spirit World.
  • Demon King Psycho: Death Spirit World?
  • General Gyrer: You mentioned you could defeat him easily. Don't be so confident!
  • Reider: Shariban. The same as the name in the tomb. You see. You will die soon.
  • Kal Hyugu: My back is so heavy. Something is on my back. My hallucination?
  • Reider: How about your dead look? Do you like it?
  • Kal Hyugu: Who? Who? Come out! A dream. Dream in daytime. It must be this way.
  • (At Madou's Base)
  • Demon King Psycho: Trap Shariban into this way. Very good.
  • Reider: Just say hello.
  • Demon King Psycho: Want to be the commander of the Madou? I let you handle this plan this time.
  • Doctor Polter: Demon King Psycho.
  • Reider: The commander of Madou? No use to guide this guy. I rather not. What do you say?
  • General Gyrer: What? Not to forgive! Die! You monster! My head! Let me think about something! Doctor Polter! Someone!
  • Reider: Kill Shariban now?
  • Doctor Polter: Wait, Reider! I will kill Shariban. Don't you interrupt.
  • Reider: Yes.
  • Doctor Polter: Demon King Psycho! Give me another chance. This time. I will kill Shariban this time.
  • (At Grand Birth)
  • Sissy: The unknown man belonged to the Madou?
  • Kal Hyugu: As soon as I heard the voice of that man. It made me scared. I want to know his true identity. He will appear.
  • (At outside)
  • (Kal Hyugu and Soldier Psychoers are fighting each other)
  • Kal Hyugu: Red Shine!
  • (Kal Hyugu transform into Shariban)
  • Shariban: Laser Pistol!
  • (Shariban shoots Hyakume Beast)
  • Shariban: Shariban Kick!
  • (Shariban kicks Hyakume Beast)
  • Shariban: Space-Time Police Sheriff Shariban!
  • Chestnut: (Narrating) Space-Time Police Shariban can complete his Red Shine Electroplating in the one millisecond. Let's take a look at the Red Shine process.
  • Kal Hyugu: Red Shine!
  • Chestnut: (Narrating) The explosive solar energy used is amplified and ignited by Grand Birth's systems and is then converted into a red solar metal with then electroplates to Shariban's body.
  • General Gyrer: Get him!
  • (Shariban and Hyakume Beast are fighting each other)
  • Shariban: Laser Pistol!
  • (Shariban shoots Madou)
  • (At Madou's base)
  • Demon King Psycho: Take him to the dream world.
  • Doctor Polter:The dream world is the white hole. The giant item sucked into the black hole. After the separation, it caused reflex. It showed another world, the space of the Madou.
  • Demon King Psycho: Reider, go.
  • (Shariban and Hyakume Beast are fighting each other)
  • Shariban: Motosharian!
  • (Motosharian arrives)
  • (Shariban hops to the Motosharian and head to the Dream World)
  • Shariban: Sharinger Tank!
  • (Sharinger Tank arrives)
  • (Shariban hops to the Sharinger Tank)
  • Shariban: Fire!
  • (Shariban shoots Hyakume Beast)
  • Chestnut: (Narrating) Hyakume Beast. In the dream world, it gets more power by four times than usual.
  • (Shariban and Hyakume Beast are fighting each other)
  • Shariban: Who are you?
  • Reider: I am the Reider. Here to send you to the hell.
  • Shariban: Shariban Kick!
  • (Shariban kicks Hyakume Beast)
  • Shariban: Laser Pistol!
  • (Shariban shoots Reider)
  • (Hyakume Beast and Shariban are fighting each other)
  • Shariban: Laser Blade!
  • (Shariban and Hyakume Beast are fighting each other)
  • Shariban: Laser Pistol!
  • (Shariban shoots Hyakume Beast)
  • Shariban': Shariban CLash!
  • (Shariban slashes Hyakume Beast)
  • (Hyakume Beast is defeated)
  • '(At Madou's base)
  • Demon King Psycho: You should kill him.
  • Reider: He will die. He is very weak.
  • (At Grand Birth)
  • Sissy: Hang on, Shariban. Don't die.
  • Chestnut: (Narrating) The news about Shariban is in danger. Sent back to the Headquarters.
  • Erina: He seemed to have trouble.
  • Jimmy: Too pitty.
  • Jenny: Such a mess.
  • Jeannie: Damn Madou.
  • Commander Quain: Jeannie. We may need you to carry on the duty for the peace of the Earth.
  • Jeannie: Eh?
  • Commander Quain: Of course. It depends on Shariban.
  • Jeannie: He will be okay? Shariban will be fine.
  • Commander Quain: I hope so.
  • (At Grand Birth)
  • Sissy: Go Shariban. Don't lose.
  • Kal Hyugu: Where is this place? Where am I? I'm lost.
  • Universe: Young man, where are you going?
  • Kal Hyugu: Yes. I am locating the road to Planet Igan. You had better not.
  • Universe: Too much danger on the way to Planet Igan.
  • Kal Hyugu: No. Even it is dangerous. I have to go. To find the Planet Igan. It is my duty.
  • Universe: Can you be there?
  • Kal Hyugu: I will prove it. I will.
  • Universe: This is for you.
  • Kal Hyugu: Yes, the direction tool. That is the point. Kingdom of live. Kingdom of death. Yes. I have something to do. I have to find Planet Igan. I have to be alive. That is Igan Crystal. How can I be trapped here? I...
  • Sissy: Shariban. Shariban. Shariban.
  • Kal Hyugu: Sissy.
  • Sissy: An emergency contact. Shariban is alive. Shariban... Shariban...
  • Kal Hyugu: So beautiful at last. Igan Crystal is so beautiful.
  • Chestnut: (Narrating) Shariban is back alive with a miracle. The plan of Reider by the commander. It let Shariban struggle more. Don't lose, Kal! Red Shine! Space-Time Police Shariban!
  • [End of Guide to the Ghost World]

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