Guitar Ange is a 1995 American Music Crime Drama film written by Lowell Cunnigham and Ed Lowell and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld starring Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Chad Michael Murray, Elisabeth Shue, Hugh Bonneville, Donnie Yen, Natasha Richardson, Helen Hunt, Frank Grillo, Jennifer Beals and Rupert Graves.

It concerns a disgruntled musician brother duo dealing the obstacles of a controlling family, greedy label man, love, violence dealt out from a wronged musician involved in a drug cartel and drugs itself.

The film garnered an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay (alongside Bullets Over Broadway, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Heavenly Creatures and Three Colours: Red.)


Struggling 21 year old guitarist Galvadore Carrier abandons his controlling Minnesotta Family and his dominant father's expectations of him becoming a fighter pilot during 1981 to pursue a music career.

He however finds himself straddled with his biggest fan: his younger brother Cavalier whom also aspires to be a Musician (A drummer though).

The Carrier brothers first head to Nashville, Tennesse where they fall in with a pair of beautiful guitarist women whom are sisters and propiet a bar.

They have garnered sponsorship for a band but the rest of their members have dropped out so Galvadore and Cavalier are taken aboard and form romances with one each of the two sisters.

However Galvadore's affair whilest touring Tennesse puts a stop to him and Cavalier's music careers (but not to Cavalier's relationship with the other sister.)

They then head to New Jersey and take an opening gig at West 54th Street's Studio 54 the hottest club.

There they are taken into interest by greedy label man Mr. Gunthor.

Gunthor takes them on a touring career which doesn't just span the United States but many other countries as well including France, Australia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland and Canada.

Upon finally coming to Canada Cavalier decides to abandon his brother for the love he had left behind in Nashville, Tennesse.

However Mr. Gunthor does not accept Cavalier abandoning on his contract and vies for him and Galvadore being stripped of all their money and fame.

Galvadore then goes on solo to join with a famous Canadian Musician Elven Powwers who is involved in a violent drug cartel.

Galvadore at first remains oblivious to the group's criminal activities but undertakes substance use himself in dealing with grief over not being with his younger brother Cavalier.

Cavalier engages in a hot romance meanwhilest back in Nashville and starts up drumming for his love whilest she performs as a lounge singer at the Bentley Music Cafe in Nashville.

Galvadore finds himself at a poor for money after gambling it away and wishes to leave the band he has formed titled Guitar Ange with the drug addled criminals.

He takes the money of the leader Elven and heads off to Nashville.

Elven then orders what remains of the band to find Galvadore and bring him to him to be personally executed.

Galvadore returns Cavalier and rekindles with him, even rekindles with the sister he had once cheated on.

Galvadore's schedule at one point whilest coming back to Nashville had been apprehended by one his former fellow band members and brought back to the enraged out for vengeance Elven Powwers.

Elven learns his location to be at a certain home at a certain time with the objective to make amends with the most important people.

Galvadore as he prepares to leave from the house and bids them a fond farewell is gunned down at the doorway by Elven shoots him from a close distance.

Cavalier takes a good look as he rushes off to his vehicle and rushes away.

He adopts Galvadore's left behind guitar and takes off to take vengeance upon Elven.

He however upon coming to the point where he gets the chance to place a bullet in his head in cold blood stops as he himself is not one of violence but rather sensitivity and love.

He instead renders him unconsious and reports his drug dealings and the assassination of his brother.

Cavalier proposes that night and becomes a father over the course of a following 18 years.

He runs a band titled Guitar Ange comprising of him as the drummer, his wife as the singer and wife's older sister as the guitarist whom plays the guitar that had once belonged to Galvadore.

The guitar had been originally taken away as evidence by police for being an item on Galvadore at the time of his killing but was dirty dealt out as Cavalier and Galvadore's controlling father had been made the new sheriff of Nashville.


  • Johnny Depp as Galvadore Carrier
  • Brad Pitt as Elven Powwers
  • Chad Michael Murray as Cavalier Carrier
  • Elisabeth Shue as Vanessa Markes
  • Bethany Joy Galeotti as Nina Markes
  • Hugh Bonneville as Mr. Hubert Gunthor
  • Donnie Yen as Nina's Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Larry Makamoto
  • Natasha Richardson as Mr. Gunthor's Wife Sally Harken
  • Helen Hunt as Elven's Mistress 1 Gantilda
  • Jennifer Beals as Elven's Mistress 2 Henrietta
  • Rupert Graves as Elven's Top Hitmen Harrison Yuley


  1. Bette Davis Eyes- Kim Carnes
  2. Endless Love- Diana Ross and Lionel Richie
  3. Lady- Kenny Rogers
  4. (Just Like) Starting Over- John Lennon
  5. Jessie's Girl- Rick Springfield
  6. Celebration- Kool and the Gang
  7. Kiss On My List- Daryl Hall and John Oates
  8. I Love A Rainy Night- Eddie Rabbitt
  9. 9 to 5- Dolly Parton
  10. Keep On Loving You- REO Speedwagon
  11. Morning Train (Nine To Five)- Sheena Easton
  12. Being With You- Smokey Robinson
  13. Queen Of Hearts- Juice Newton
  14. Rapture- Blondie
  15. A Woman Needs Love- Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio
  16. The Tide Is High- Blondie
  17. Just The Two Of Us- Grover Washington Jr.
  18. Slow Hand- Pointer Sisters
  19. I Love You,- The Climax Blues Band
  20. Woman- John Lennon
  21. Sukiyaki- A Taste Of Honey
  22. The Winner Takes All- ABBA
  23. Stars On 45 Medley- Stars On 45
  24. Angel Of The Morning- Juice Newton
  25. Love On The Rocks- Neil Diamond
  26. Every Woman In The World- Air Supply
  27. The One That You Love- Air Supply
  28. Guilty- Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb
  29. The Best Of Times- Styx
  30. Elvira- Oak Ridge Boys
  31. Take It On The Run- REO Speedwagon
  32. No Gettin Over Me- Ronnie Milsap
  33. Boy From New York City- Manhattan Transfer

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