H.A.T.E (Hatred. And. Termination. Everything) is Florida-based death metal band Encephalitic Punishment's fifth album, released on September 9th 1996. It is their second with vocalist Omar Espanzo and rhythm gutiarist Kirk Newman, and also the last with Espanzo and Newman. After the mixed reception of its predecessor, 1994's A New Era of Death, the band set about returning to a familiar sound and improving songwriting. Significant changes, or rather returns, are more death/technical death metal elements, Omar Espanzo uses growled vocals instead of the singing technique on A New Era and the guitars and drums return to their death metal roots.

The change back to the original sound with Rob Roener yielded well for the band, and the album was both a commercial and moderate critical success. It has sold 340,000 copies as of 2011, and though this is less than its predecessor, H.A.T.E received much kinder reviews. Critics and fans appraised the band for their return to their death metal roots, and said Omar Espanzo redeemed himself as a worthy replacement for Rob Roener. The album was successful overseas too, and the band played their first shows in Japan, China, and Russia. The Omar Espanzo-era line-up was scheduled to record a new album in 1997, but this was put aside for the return of Robert "Ravager" Roener and Ivan Witowski, and the resulting Thymos Carcinoma record in 1999.

Title meaning

Omar Espanzo has said in numerous interviews that the titlte is referring to the hatred and prejudice of humanity and how it leads to destruction and death.


The album is a throwback to the earlier albums of Encephalitic Punishment, featuring fast and heavy death metal. Most of the industrial and nu metal traits of A New Era have been removed, and the songs feature lyrical content much more suited to the band's original sound.


Compared to its predecessor, A New Era of Death, H.A.T.E garnered generally positive to moderate reviews from critics and fans. The band was praised for returning to their death metal roots, and for Omar Espanzo for adopting a much more suitable vocal style. Critics praised Espanzo's new style, stating that he had earnt his stripes and right to be in the band.

Track listing

  1. "Blistered Soul" - 4:33
  2. "With Extreme Prejudice" - 2:54
  3. "Biomechanical Resurgent" - 7:05
  4. "Hubris" - 4:28
  5. "Requeim of Apocalypse" - 5:00
  6. "Burning Heart Symphony" - 6:20


  • Omar Espanzo - vocals
  • Jeff Wagner - lead guitar, rhythm guitar
  • Kirk Newman - rhythm guitar
  • Greg Marks - bass
  • Jayson Nielmar - drums
  • Kurt Moryn - producer
  • Encephalitic Punishment - arrangement

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