Universe Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Race Clavat
Gender Female
Style Long Hair
Trade Farmer
Age 17 (at beginning of story)
Hometown Riyu
Family Karen (mother), Jarey (father), Samuel (younger brother, deceased), Roc (husband), Kayla Hope (daughter)

Hailey is a fan character in the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles universe and the fanfiction Pen and Paper. She hails from the fictional town Riyu and travels in a crystal caravan with her four friends Roc, Kay Lee, Set Kil, and Hikari. She is often accused of being infatuated with Roc, but she always retorts with "He's my best friend, not my boyfriend" or something to that extent.

Character Design


Hailey is often described as strong-willed and determined. She has devoted herself to protecting her friends and her town from enemies and miasma. However, she can also be hard-headed when it comes to her personal safety. Because of this, Hailey is often the target of many ambushes and kidnappings.

Fighting Style

Hailey's primary battling style is defending, and she is usually in the lead in order to protect her friends from danger before it hits them. She is learning magic from Set Kil and focuses on White Magic spells like Cure and Life. On occasion, she will be the first on in battle to weaken the enemy before her party comes in for the final blows.