Halloween is a fanfiction about Friends. It is Halloween and the friends are enjoying their holidays. However, when Rachel finds an note, Someone starts stalking them. Will they find out the truth, or die trying.


One 7 days until Halloween, Rachel walked up the stairs, crying in the inside. She was pregnant, and the only person who knew was Phoebe, Who promised to keep it a secret.

Rachel opened the door to apartment 20 and saw Monica making an sandwich. "Hey Mon", Rachel said as she walked to the fridge. She opened the door and grabbed a bottle of cola.

"Rachel, I think we should have an halloween party", Monica said randomly. Rachel looked at Monica with an puzzled face. "What's with the random speech", Rachel asked sacarsticly.

"Well, I think we should. The last time we celebrated Halloween was five years ago", Monica said and Rachel suddenly remembered what happened. Joey and Phoebe ended up lost in New York when going out for drinks.

"Who's coming", Rachel asked. "You guys, Me, Gunther, Maybe Mona you know", Monica continued as she started to write a bunch of names in her notepad.

Rachel then heard someone outside. "Who's there", Rachel asked. No reply. Rachel and Monica looked at each other looking worried.

Rachel slowly walked to the door and grabbed onto the door handler. She opened the door and Joey bursted out screaming.

Rachel screamed and nearly collapsed. The baby. I should be more careful, She thought and she quickly got up. "What were you trying to do, Give me a heart attack", Rachel asked.

"No, I was trying to give you an-Moretobecontinued.

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