Halloween: 10 Years Later is a 2013 horror movie where 10 years ago, Michael Myers, the main character disappeared into the sea when was shot by the police. 10 years later Michael come back in Haddonfield to kill Lauren Prescott.


After he was missing for 10 years, serial killer Michael Myers is after a 18 years old collage student, mother of two, Lauren Prescott.


The movie open with 2002 with Michael Myers was wake and attack a doctor from ending of Halloween: Resurrection and kill her by stab her. The police was here and shot Michael 4 time. Micheal jump, he roll to the sea. The police here to look for Michael, but it was too late, Michael gone and went missing.

In 29 October 2012, Michael got out of the sea when Michael went missing for 10 years. Michael found his mask gone missing. Five drunk teenager found him and take him home, they did not know the man in the car are Michael Myers.



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This film is Rated R for strong horror violence including language

It is distributed by Diemension Films

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