Halloween Trilogy Remake's is the new series of Halloween but takes an different twist.

Halloween Part 1

Laurie and her friends Linda and Annie are at school.They are unknownly stalked by Michael Myers.Two days eairler.Michael is seen killing an nurse and two doctors and then the security guards.He then rapes an woman and kills her and then hi jacks an van,Killing the driver.

Laurie is babysitting Tommy and does not knotice Michael stareing at them through the windows.When she looks around,He is gone.Michael then stalks Laurie's adopted sister Joni.He kills her and then kills Laurie's adopted parents.

Linda is having sex with Paul and Michael apears.He strangles Paul and Linda flees naked.She runs out at the back but Michael grabs her and then butchers her to death.He then kills her dog,Buster,Who is barking.He hears Linda's parents entering the house.He kills them and puts all the bodies in the attic.

Laurie phones Annie and the two talk.Michael kills Annie's brother Noel and then strangles her with the phone cord.Laurie thinks this is an prank and tells Tommy to stay inside the house.Michael is then seen entering the house when Laurie enters Annie's house.Michael kills Tommy and puts an sticky note in his face,Which says 'U ALWAYS LOOK AFTER THE CHILD'.

Laurie finds Annie dead and runs upstairs.She finds Linda,Her parents,Joni and all the people that Michael has killed.Laurie run's downstairs and trips up.Michael trys to kill her but she escapes.

She flees the street while phoneing the police.She enters Tommy's house and find him dead.She is sick and knocked out by Michael.She wakes up in the old myers house and finds an gun.She shoots Michael and manages to escape.He still stalks her and then she starts shooting at anything,While accidently shooting an man.Michael pulls her hair and tries to strangle her but Sam loomis shoots Michael in the head.

Halloween Part 2

Laurie is put into the hospital.Sam Loomis is in the park and is killed by Michael.He then go's to the hospital after killing an old couple and then starts killing everyone in the hospital.He strips Laurie's clothes off but she manages to escape.She runs and falls down the stairs.She finds the bodies and screams and tuens around and Michael apears and kills her.

Laurie wakes up.One year later,Laurie is living with her friend Becca and her father.Laurie and Becca turn up at an party and Becca gets drunk.She go'd into the woods and Michael kills her boyfriend who she is having sex with.Becca tries to warn Laurie but has her head chopped off.

Laurie can't find Becca so returns home,Unaware that Michael is followling her.Laurie enters the house and finds her adopted father dead.Laurie screams and runs and finds Michael's therapist,Noel.The two run to his office.

Noel tells Laurie that when Laurie and Michael were kids,He had killed an bully,Father,Sister and her boyfriend.He tried to kill their mother,But she had taken him in.Laurie asked why does he want her but he tells her Michael is her brother and wants to finish of the family bloodline.

Laurie go's away and Michael kills Noel.Laurie enters her car,But Michael apears and pushes the car down the hill.Laurie escapes and crawls away to an abandoed house,The myers old house.She runs in and hides,And discovers Sam's body.Michael smashes in and chases Laurie down stairs into the basement.Laurie hides as Michael looks for her.She sneaks away and manages to get outside.

Laurie finds Becca and her boyfriend dead in the woods and Michael takes her hostage,With Police surrounding them.Laurie starts having visions of the people Michael has killed and then starts stabbing him.She keeps doing this with an garden trowel.An police man walks up to her and takes her away into an mental hospital as she wears Michael's mask.

Halloween Part 3

Laurie is seen in the mental hospital laughing.An nurse enters the room,But Laurie strangles her and runs.She takes an butcher knife and runs down stairs.She kills a couple of guards and escapes by hotwireing an car.

She runs to the Myers house and thinks that anyone who enters alive comes out cursed.She blows up the house with gasoline.Laurie then walks away as the house explodes.Laurie then runs to her friend Carly's house.

Laurie tells Carly what happened and Carly says she is lying.Then,Michael apears and he smashes the window and kills Carly.Laurie trys to escape and trys to open the door.He walks up to her and stabs her in the neck.

Carly's friends Vera and Emily enter the house.They find Carly's body and scream.They run and trip over Laurie's.Michael apears and strangles Emily befour stabbing her.Vera escapes into the street and runs to her brother's and his wife's house.Stacey,The wife,Enters the door and Vera ducks as an knife is throwen by Michael and hits Stacey in the head.

Ryan,The brother,Is butchered to death by Michael and Vera escapes through the back.She is knocked out and dragged into Carly's house with the other bodys.She wakes up and finds herself stuffed up in an cornor.She has been stabbed about ten times and is paralyzed.She sees an terrified woman named Jenny tied up and about to get stabbed.An man sneaks up behind Michael and cuts his neck.However,He regrets his actions and manages to blow up the house.We see Jenny and the man escapeing while Vera burns to death.However,She sees Michael waking up and going out the house.

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