The Halo film was released in 2010, of November.

Synopsis Edit

The film closely follows the canon of the first game. Master Chief is on the ship, be prepped up. They help him get moving, when The Conveant starts attacking. With no time left to spare, Master Chief picks up a gun, and starts blasting the aliens away. The Ship is going down, and the captain asks for him to escape. The ship keeps getting shot at, and Master Chief needs to get to an escape pod.

He gathers some other soliders, and they leave in the escape pod. They find out that the pod is malfunctioning, and is about to crash. They hurdle about 500 miles perhour, and eventually lands on Halo itself. Master Chief checks the others, but he is the only survivor. While walking, he notices human survivors are hiding out in builiding, as the Conveant starts attacking.

He helps the survivors, who tell him that Captain Keyes is being held on a Conveant ship. Master Chief has to go after him. IDONT REMEMBER A HALO FILM

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