What if Ensign Munro was swapped out for Master Chief?

This story of twisted time periods tells the story of Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force, except that the Master Chief has been switched with Munro. Master Chief attempts to make sense of what is going on, and even his teammates acknowledge it.

The Master Chief's Room

Master Chief busies himself with multiple toys and keepsakes in his spare time.

Action Figures and Toys

When Chief is alone he plays with multiple action figures and toys of the Hazard Team.


The Hazard Team figures include Alexander Munro, Alexandria Munro, Les Foster, Rick Biessman, Borg Foster, Chell, Austin Chang, Juliet Jurot, and Telsia Murphy.


Chief has a few weapons for his figures, including the Magnum, Phaser, Assault Rifle, Phaser Compression Rifle, Mod Battle Rifle, I-MOD, Plasma Rifle, Scavenger Rifle, Sentinel Beam, Stasis Weapon, Brute Shot, Compound Grenade Launcher, Submachine Gun, Tetryon Pulse Disruptor, Rocket Launcher, Photon Burst, Needler, and the Dreadnought Weapon.


Harvester Legs-Chief cut off the legs of a Harvester after killing it.

Stasis Fireflies-Chief uses these for repair of his items. He caught them during the mission aboard the Etherian Ship.

Chapter 1: The Borg Holodeck Mission

On stardate 48135.6…

And so begins the story. Master Chief is second in command of the Hazard Team on the USS Voyager trapped in the Delta Quadrant. Him and his team went on a dangerous mission on a Borg cube. He had equipped a piece of Seven of Nine’s anti-borg weapon, the I-MOD, onto a Battle Rifle. However, the team was overwhelmed and Chief was separated from them. So now it is John-117's duty to rescue them.

The Rescue

Master Chief read over his mission objectives. He knew not to shoot any Borg. He scoured the room and eventually found a distribution node. He took out his Magnum and shot it twice, destroying it.

The opening previously blocked by the green force field opened up and Chief proceeded through, blasting a plasma filter. He went in and found an overshield. Taking it, he went to a distribution node and took it out. Finding another plasma filter, Chief landed a bullet on it. He proceeded through the walkway and pushed through a piece of wreckage in the open. Falling into a main chamber, he landed and realized that he had crushed a Borg in his path. He went down the elevator. Rick Biessman was in a cell blocked by a forcefield. Chief jumped, grabbed the Battle Rifle and blew through the Borg, flinging headshots everywhere. He then operated the control panel and put the forcefield down. Biessman came out. He then took some clips from a dispenser.

Lathrop fell through an opening as Odell backs out blasting a Borg. Chief jumps in the way and plants three bullets on the sad Borg's head. Both beam out and a whole lotta Borg come out. Chief expertly blasts every single one of them. They moved and came to a blue forcefield. Chief went down an elevator and killed some more Borg, taking clips from a weapon dispenser, before whipping out his Magnum and blasting through the grate, moving through a crouchspace. He kept going until he found a power core and blasted the Plasma Filter on it, destroying it. Biessman reports to Chief but is then attacked by Borg.

Chief moves back up and finds more Borg, not hesitating to blow them all to Borgy bits.


Master Chief blasted a Borg on an alcove and went around a corner. 10 Borg beamed in at once. Chief frantically looked around until he found a room and ran into it. Just as the Borg got to him Chief blasted the distribution node and took them all out. They blocked the doorway, so Chief was forced to use his Energy Knife to cut through them and get out.

He went in the direction the Borg came from and three more Borg beamed in. Chief had an idea and let the Borg come to him. He overcharged his shielding and hoped for the best as he blasted the plasma filter next to him. Chief came out very much alive, but with almost no shields. He then went up the elevator and killed the Borg with precise headshots.

Before Chief got to an area he saw something. He zoomed in and made sense of a plasma filter. Using his Maggy he blasted the filter and killed some Borg. He came out and saw teammate Chang blast a plasma filter on a bridge, destroying it. Chang then uttered weakly, "Sir..... I was hit.... The Borg.... took the team.... through there." He pointed his rifle at the room Chief had shot into earlier.

Chief found a sort of Borg elevator and moved across the highway, blasting off Borg and kicking one down into the deep pits of doom. He then went down another elevator.

He continued into the room, blowing up more Borg and finding elevators. After a few minutes he found the Tertiary Power Module Chamber and entered it.

Tactical Decision

The first thing MC heard as he walked in was Chell yelling, "Chief! Thank god! Get us outta here!" Chell was stuck inside a cell with Telsia, and Biessman was in the other. Tuvok asked him if he could locate the control panel. Chief did, but it was protected. He silently took out the disnode and then walked over to the console. After a few minutes of hacking Borg found him. Chief entered a firefight and accidentally hit the control panel. The panel explodes and everyone dies.

Everyone then reappears on the Holodeck. Apparently Tuvok attempts to tell him about logic and procedures. All Chief had to say was this: "I'm sorry, I just accidentally hit the panel in a firefight." Tuvok accepts that. Then, during another peaceful conversation an explosion rocks the Voyager. Tuvok reroutes the turbolift he and Chief are in to the bridge.

Attacks on Voyager


Chief and Tuvok arrive at the bridge just in time to see combat with an enemy ship. Voyager is transported to an unknown starship graveyard. Chakotay suddenly yells, "Is everyone alright?"

Seven replies. "I am undamaged." Chief performed a check. "My armor is working fine." Lt. Torres then came on the intercom. "Captain, we have a leak in Engineering, if we can't get it sealed we're going to have a warp core breach!"

Janeway looked at Chief. "John, you're wearing... well, what are you wearing, anyways?" Chief was quick to respond. "MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, Mark VI variant. The suit can seal for poisionous leaks and EVA, and it has shielding to withstand attacks."

Janeway then said, "So your suit can seal. Get down to Engineering and help B'Leanna seal the leak."

Chief stepped into the teleporter and then uses the voice command system to proceed to Deck 7.

Unavoidable Delays

The turbolift lurches and Chief is thrown up. He gets up and discovers a turbolift malfunction, and jumps out of the turbolift before it falls into the bottom of the ship. He takes a look at his HoloMap. He's stuck on Deck 9 and quickly runs through the deck. Renner is hurt by an explosion and yells to Chief, "THE EPS CONDUITS ARE GONNA BLOW! HIT THAT PANEL AND BRING UP A CONTAINMENT FIELD!" He then fell down.

Chief quickly ran in, grabbed Renner, and carried him into a safe area, and as the overload happened, he hit the containment field panel. The explosion blew Chief back, but the shields held. He asked Renner that he was going to Engineering but the turbolift malfunctioned. Renner said that there was an override. Chief continued down the hallway looking for the panel and talked to Chell. After saving a crewman from a power surge, the Bolian informed Chief that there is a override switch in a Jefferies Tube. Chief crouches into the Jefferies Tube, but the ceiling collapses and hurls Chief into a turbolift area.

Chief climbs a ladder on the wall and jumps into another Jefferies tube, discovering that the top collapsed in on the bottom. He moves in, hits the panel, then climbs out and runs past the area to Renner. Renner tells Chief about the aft Jefferies Tubes, and Chief runs off for them. He climbs down.

Hazard Duty

Chief shows up near Torres. "Who are you?"

"I'm the guy who will save this ship," was the dry reply from Chief. B'Leanna went, "Good."

Chief sealed his suit and ran into Engineering.

When Chief got in he quickly attempted to turn off the power relays. It failed and B'Leanna said over the FREQ channel, "You need access codes! Go to the access code station!" Chief quickly ran but an explosion from a warp core console blew him into a column. "One minute to warp core breach." Chief went over to the station and entered "Torres, B'Leanna" inside the console and quickly took a snapshot of the access codes. He shut down the power relays. He attempted to use an elevator to get up to the dilithium matrix, but the elevator malfunctioned. He climbed a ladder. "30 seconds."

Chief ran over and started to shut down the matrix. "29, 28, 27, 26, 25..."

Chief counted down as he tried everything.

"15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10..."

'Almost there....'

"3... 2.... 1..."

Chief smashed "Enter" at the last second and decoupled the matrix. B'Leanna entered the Engineering area. "Nice work, uh..."


"John. It was touch and go for a bit there."

"Well thanks."

John walked out and suddenly....

"Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! All Hazard Team personell to the Loading Dock!

Chief entered the Turbolift and went down, down, down.


Chang ran up to the Master Chief as soon as he exited the turbolift. "Here, take this." Chang handed Chief his Magnum. He moved over to Foster as the Doctor called out, "If you need medical attention, just come back here!" Chief reported back to grab his Assault Rifle, and returned to Foster.

Foster said that aliens were raiding Voyager and that two of them are tossing energy grenades. "Ah, the Plasma Grenade, sticks, pulls in, detonates mercilessly." Chief, Telsia, Chang, and Foster entered the battlefield.

Chief was an expert with his Assault Rifle as he fired into the room, taking Scavengers left and right. After three waves, Tuvok called in, saying he and his team are pinned down. Foster ran over to Chief, but Chief said "I heard. Less chatter, more running." They ran onto the lift and Chief grabbed clips from ten Assault Rifles. Chief moved into the next area and fought the Scavengers, jumping onto an area and using a newly acquired Plasma Rifle to burn the enemies to death. After three more waves, the ship left.

Tuvok then tells the team to report to Hazard Ops.

Hazard Ops

Foster quickly explained the situation: Voyager was in a starship graveyard and a central ship was draining power, keeping Voyager in one spot. The Hazard Team is going to explore the ship. Chief hears the grief from many about a data gathering mission being their first out, expecially Biessman. As Chief walked into the weapons room he grabbed a Plasma Rifle. Oviedo asked Chief, "What's that?"

Chief went into an explanation about the Plasma Rifle: how it worked, how deadly the plasma bolts were, and how the weapon overheated after continuous fire. Oviedo then said, "Well, I'd like to see that gun in action, so try it out on the Holodeck." Chief engaged the program "High Noon".

30 seconds later Chief went out of the Holodeck, and Oviedo praised him about how the plasma bolts oneshotted most of the enemy combatants.

Chief then went into the transporter room. After Foster's team teleported, Chief said one word: "Energize." Chief, Telsia, and Chell were transported to the unknown ship... populated by a race later known as "Etherians".

Chapter 3: The Etherian Ship

Data Retrieval

Chief, Telsia, and Chell entered a large room, which looked organic. After looking around for a bit, Chell begins to extract information from a terminal, and the COM link tells Chief Foster found one too. However, Foster is attacked by aliens, and soon after Chief's team is attacked as well. The Etherians were hardy, taking multiple hits from even the Plasma Rifle before seemingly vanishing from existence in a blue flash.

Foster then messages everyone with the fact the alien ship's shields have been raised and they can't beam out. Chief groans, and Foster suggests meeting up at a nearby junction. It's nearby, but unfortunately, as they find out, they have to cross the entire ship, fighting their way through waves of aliens.

Eventually they arrive at the junction and Foster tells Chief's team to de-activate the computer core while they take out the backup power systems, after which they can meet up and deactivate the main power core. However, Chief notices a new weapon... a Sentinel Beam. As aliens enter Chief grabs it and notices it takes one hit from a Sentinel Beam to destroy them. They move through the rest of the ship.

Deep Echoes

The team fought through more aliens until they reached an area with what appeared to be a forcefield on the ground. Telsia stepped on it and vapourized. After telling this to Chell, Chief destroyed the generator and continued on, fighting through even more aliens.

They eventually reach the computer core, where Chief activates the terminals and recieves a few images which he downloads: a planet, the ship they're on, an overview of the graveyard, and a large space station which would later be named the Forge. The team continues until they reach the shutoff station.

Chief rips off the stands after shutting the core down so if the aliens come they can't repair it. They are messaged by Foster, and Chief tells him that Telsia is dead. Foster's team is then overwhelmed, and they continue through the ship.


The team then moved through, fighting an endless wave of aliens. However, the teleporter is destroyed. After some brainstorming, Chief rips off a few control panels, and the firefly-type creatures found strewn throughout the ship eventually repaired the teleporter. They stepped through, and Chell opens a forcefield-but he has to stay down there. With Chief being a one-man army that isn't necessarily needed and he blazes through the ship, meeting up with Foster.

They continue on, eventually getting complaining from Chell. Foster has already shut off the backup power, and they continue on. They find the rest of the dead crew in hibernation chambers. After gauntlet running, they approach the main power core. But suddenly, one of the aliens appears. Apparently if they shut down the power core his people will die, as they are in stasis.

After resolving it, it appears the aliens attempted to communicate but they were fired upon. The ship is a sleeper ship without any FTL drive, and they eventually become allies. The Etherian leader, as he is so promptly known now, hands the information to Voyager and lowers shielding. The crew beams back to Voyager with no difficulties.

Chapter 4: Return To Voyager, Part One


Chief was pretty banged up, but a few moments with the Doctor fixed this. He hung around in Sick Bay for a little bit before stepping on the turbolift which took him down to the Hazard Team's deck.


Chief arrived, and looked around. In the lounge, Jurot and Chang were eating. He then went into the locker room, and discussed the next mission with the other team members before Chakotay called them into the briefing room.

Inside, Chakotay gives the team a new mission: Voyager's power is being drained by a dampening field. The sensors detect a power source that can be used to re-power Voyager: isodesium. However, it is located inside the malformed base of the enemies who attacked Voyager's cargo bay earlier, called the 'Scavengers'. Chakotay says the Delta Flyer II will sneak the Team onboard the station, where the isodesium can be retrieved.

In the Equipment Room, Chief grabs a Brute Shot and explains it to Oviedo. A few minutes later, Chief emerged out of the 'Camelot' program, having demolished most of the arena to kill the paladins. He then boarded a turbolift and headed to the shuttle bay.


Chief landed on the shuttle deck and after some guidance moved into it. People were talking about different things, but in a pit Salma was attempting to take the docking clamps off of the Delta Flyer. Chief wrested one off but it attached shortly after, and Salma told him that he needed to get to the problem. The door was locked, but not for long as Chief punched the door off the hinges and moved into the room. Hitting a control panel, the magnetic locks de-activated. Eventually, he found a crewman screaming for help. He was perched on a crate, just under a yellow beam. Chief attempted to touch it, but recoiled almost instantly when his shields fully drained. He eventually found a control panel and shut down the ceraton gas.

Carrying the man out, he asked someone to take him to the bridge. Finally, Paris arrived and got behind the controls as everyone boarded and headed off towards the Scavenger base.

The Scavenger Base

The Visit

Paris arrived at the Scavenger Base and everyone floated out. Chief himself was wearing EVA Armor, a larger EVA Suit designed to be worn around the MJOLNIR. Foster gave instructions, and then inside, Chief ejects from the EVA Armor as Kenn sets up pattern enhancers for when they beam out. Chief walked into the hallway.

Dangerous Ground

Foster told Chief he was tracking him, and to stay as silent as possible in his chunky suit of armor. Chief found a captain sleeping in his chair. Silently, he snapped his neck in one swift movement, with the Captain not moving an inch. He then snuck through a few more corridors, silently taking out people with a silenced Assault Rifle.

As he snuck, Odell checked in saying that he found the first sample he was tasked to do. Chief continued to sneak through the ship. Telsia then messaged in, saying she had found her first isodesium sample, and that she was in a 23rd century Federation starship. Chief quickly pulled up the schematics.

Eventually Telsia said she had to sneak through an area and required Chief to turn the power. Kenn, butting in, said that Chief was in Engineering and the terminal should be nearby. After a short firefight during which the alarms were destroyed, Chief diverted power. He then continued, sneaking into a tunnel and grabbing his first sample of isodesium. He then went through the ship, collecting another sample along the way.

Conflicting Views, Part One

Chief put his back to a crate and slowly crawled along the deck as a few Klingons and Malons argued over the power outage Chief caused for Telsia. He then snuck behind some crates and grabbed the isodesium, getting to a Malon security door. Chief messages Foster, and Foster replies that Odell has gone missing. Kenn then hacks the door and opens it, and Chief moves through.

He eventually used an acid pump after a bit of parkour to fool the Malons. After they went down, Chief returned the acid pump, destroying the Malons. He continued through the ship.

Conflicting Views, Part Two

Chief eventually heard two Malons arguing over how the Hirogen locked the door on them. After sneaking, Chief overheard the Hirogen talking about their leader, Alpha, going on a hunt. Fighting his way through the Hirogen section, he drops into a Malon elevator shaft and upon landing nearly squishes the limp body of Odell.

Odell then says he was ambushed with no warning, and Chief beams him back. He then charges into the hangar bay, and a few moments later most of it was destroyed-including a crane which was the only way to get to Odell's last sample. Using his parkour, Chief jumped over the platform, grabbed the isodesium, and landed to see Telsia get knocked out by a few Terrans. He continues into an old Turbolift, which creaks and shudders under Chief's immense weight.


Chief moved and snuck through the hallways, dodging Terran patrols along the way, and eventually heard Telsia was in Sick Bay. After a short firefight, Chief moved into the sickbay area.


Chief, after a bit more sneaking, eventually found he couldn't sneak through the next area. But he saw some Terran clothes, and got a plan. Hiding the old weapons on his body, he grabbed a stock Scavenger Rifle and walked through the hallways with crewmembers expressing disgust at his weird face. Winding up at the doctor, he ordered him to get some Veritrax 12, the blue liquid. But he saw an orange liquid, and next to it was a label: Tranquilizers.

Chief took a tranquilizer and as the Doctor looked Chief tranqed him. He eventually rescued Telsia and continued through, having Telsia as his prisoner. It didn't work, and Chief dropped his Scav for the Plasma as a firefight went out, in the process killing the Captain. Chief then moves through the ship, allowing Telsia to get to the extract and causing death for anyone standing in his way. Eventually he found himself in the Klingon Bay again... and immediately wished he had his MJOLNIR with him.

The Hunter

Inside was the Hirogen Boss, entitled "Alpha". He challenged Chief with a tetryon chaingun, and Chief barely dodged his shots. The invincibility was nagging, but Chief found a pattern: after he had stopped firing, he popped out and fired the Brute Shot. Some time later, he incapacitated the Alpha.

Chief tried to get him to a medic, but Alpha instead gave him a weapon that seemed strange for the time period... a Submachine Gun. How Alpha ended up with it Chief didn't question, but every other weapon was out of ammo. As Klingons cut through the door Chief put it to the test, blasting through waves of Klingons, but was surprised when the assassinated Klingon captain charged him with a knife-the one killed earlier was a dupe. After a short fight, Chief slammed him through the main screen and headed back to the extraction point. Chief eventually gets there, and Kenn activates the pattern enhancers-but the Borg then take the opportunity to beam in. Chief fires at the other Borg as they steal Foster and the isodesium and slap Kenn silly-to death. The team then beams themselves back to Voyager-without the isodesium.

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