Happy Tree Friends series
Happy Tree Friends
About: The film series is about the episodes put into a longer film adaption.

The Happy Tree Friends is an American black comedy film series based on the TV series, Happy Tree Friends. They did not make them in order. They have made some of the films about other issues or any other things.

Films Edit

  1. Happy Tree Friends: Party Animals (2007)
  2. Happy Tree Friends: Politics Suck! (2008)

Other films Edit

Happy trilogy Edit

  1. Happy (2000)
  2. Happy (2003)
  3. Happy (2006)

Flippy series Edit

  1. Flippy Flipped Off (2000)
  2. Flippy II: Flipping Me Off (2002)
  3. Flippy III: To Kill Many (2003)
  4. Flippy IV: Flip Off (2005)

Ka-Pow! series Edit

Splendid Edit

W.A.R. Journal: Weaponized Animal Regiments Edit

Buddhist Monkey Edit

Gross revenues Edit

  • Happy Tree Friends: Party Animals - 5,214,000 domestic, 4,829,280 foreign, 10,033,280 total

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