Harpoon II: Fisherman's Revenge is a 1986 slasher horror film and sequel to the 1985 film Harpoon, and the second film in the franchise. Director Joseph A. Harding and Fredrick Nordal reprise their roles as director and antagonist, while Harry Grant Jnr. reprises his role as Sheriff Bill Nottingham. Andy Davis, the director of the 2008 remake of the original Harpoon film, has confirmed that he is planning on remaking the second film too.

The film is set in Harpoon's Cove again, where a new group of holidaymakers, this time a group of families, are targeted by the killer known as the Fisherman. The film notably featured less graphic violence than its predecessor, although 1988's Harpoon III: Back To The Cove continued the violent trend of the first film.


The film opens a week after the events of the first film, with Sheriff Nottingham visiting the mortuary where the bodies of the victims are amassed. The Sheriff is still injured from the first film, but begins his duty again at the precinct. He notices that a group of families have arrived in town, and have rented out the house on the coast.

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