Name: Hashirama Senju

Age: Deceased

Gender: Male

Relatives: Tobirama Senju (Deceased Younger brother), Mito Uzumaki (Deceased Wife), Tsunade (Granddaughter), Nawaki (Deceased grandson)


Senju was the founder of the leaf village along with the Uchiha Clan. Because the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan were the most powerful at the time. They fought frequently but Senju became tired of fighting and coaxed Madara into a truce and together, they founded the leaf village. Both clans decided Senju over Madara to be leader. After that, Madara became Senju's sworn enemy. Madara then used the nine tails to attack the village but it failed as Mito sealed in it inside herself. Senju also found seven tail beasts but spread it to other villages in hope of peace. He died later in a revolutionary war between the leaf village and the sand village.

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