Harry Potter: Harry is wrongly accused of a crime he didn't commit. He is proved innocent, but is he willing to trust anyone other than Ginny. Harry/Ginny


"He's innocent", Ginevra Molly Weasley screamed as Harry James Potter was led away by the dementors. Minister Albus Dumbledore glared at her.

"Get out of my court", he yelled. Ginny looked taken aback, and was taking away from two auror's.

She met face to face with her family. "Why did you stick up with him", Ron yelled. "I-", Ginny was cut off by a slap from her own mother.

"He killed our Perce, Ginevra. He killed out Percy", her mother broke into sobs. Her father confronted her, and she sobbed into his shoulder.

Ginny sobbed of what Arthur had said next. "Ginny, you are disowned by the Weasleys. You're name is now Ginevra Nothing", and with that, The Weasley's and Hermione walked away.

Ginny collasped, and sat down there for a couple of hours. She only stared into space, not truely believing what had just happened.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter stared at the slimely walls in front of him. He could remember only too well what had happened when Harry was found at the crime scene.

"Harry, you bastard. You killed him", Ronald Biluis Weasley shouted. He saw Harry, holding a bloody knife, and a dead Percy beside him.

"I-", he was cut off by a punch. "You're worse than the bastard Voldermort", Ron roared. To Harry's shock, Ron opened the cage Hedwig was in.

"Avada Kedarva", and Hedwig went limp, lifeless. "You killed her", he whispered, dropping the knife. His second real friend was dead.

"And this", Ron had grabbed the album of memorys Harry had of his parents. Ron lit the album in fire, and Harry could only watch in horror.

Harry blinked, and fell asleap.

Chapter I

Ginny was led by auror Tonks to Harry's Cell. Before Tonks let Ginny in, she whisperered to Harry. "Why do you want to visit the son of the bitch", she asked.

Ginny knew Tonks was taunting her, to make her put in the cell next to Harry. She would happily agree, but she knew that Harry wouldn't want her to.

Ginny opened the door, and saw a lifeless Harry. Harry looked up, and shot her a smile. "Harry", Ginny cried, and both hugged each other.

"Ginny, listen", Harry whispered. Ginny looked at his emerald green eyes. "What, baby", she whispered. "Always Love me and don't forget me", he said.

"I always would love you and i would never forget you", Ginny said, and both kissed.

"What's happening with you're family", Harry asked.

"Me and Bill have been disowned", she said. Harry shot her a apolegtic look. "It's not you're fault", Ginny said. Harry rolled his eyes.

"What is you're new name", Harry asked. "I was going for Potter, but i decided against it until we get married", she said. "So what is it", Harry asked.

"You are looking at Ginevra Sarah Winter", Ginny said. "Funky", Harry joked, and Ginny laughed.

"Bill is Neil Harry Winter", Ginny said. "It's because Bill reminds him of our former father", she said, and both kissed.

"Is Fluer finding it easy", he asked. "Yeah, she is Fleur Winter now", both laughed.

"Harry, i better get going. I will see you next month".

Chapter II

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