Haul Tray is a(technically)9,ooo,ooo year old(in general)guy. His story is unique in a particular way compared to others.

He is described has every single hero combined to make a supreme hero.


This is really a picture of Yami Bakura





Kazuki Takahashi

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removed the Millenium ring and colored his shirt intirely blue


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Other versions


He is one of the 3 sons of the dream god Leinad, Who gave the most attention to Haul by giving him his own unique set of trinkets and gizmos. Due to being one of 3(thus making Haul a demigod)Haul was givin more emense power than of a human, soon he was given more power than Leinad, so powerful that he had the strength of all who would become his enemy or rival. This led Haul to leave his home with disbelief that Leinad was His father because of his power, he was to seek his real father who had the same size of strength as he had, and so far. His search of who had truly been his father had been slow and uneasy but Haul keeps on trying for his search for what had been lost to him.... or so what he believed.

So on, he had later befriended a girl name Angel(she was half angel, half demon). This led Haul to find her of interest(which may sound confusing to some)

His brother and friend Syrus was jealous of his power, so far from jealousy that he was then corrupted into the dark lord that had murdered his own kin, "Shadorex". With his other brother Eko followed a different (but evil) fate. Becoming covered in black tar by Shadorex. He became so overwhelmed by the tar the it evolved him into an imbodiement of the tar, giving him an army of dark ooze creatures for his own benifit and so on. As we read this, the creatures and the evils that were once Haul's true family, had been awakened.


  • super strength
  • claws sharper than Adamantium
  • increase in mass(he gets buff)
  • fear stare(grants him the power to scare his victims when looked in the eyes)
  • can withstand bullets and all things that could kill
  • retractable stone fists whenever he wishes(this is also available in his minor form)
  • invincability
  • super speed
  • can only reatract blades from the fingers of his left hand(similar to freddy Krueger)
  • super strength
  • immortality(this is because his powers are abnormal or paranormal)
  • invisibility
  • teleportation
  • withstand the elements of fire, water, light, nature, earth, and Darkness. Along with elements related to those elements.
  • can jump and leap really high and far.
  • can survive a simple fall from as high as Mt. Olympus.
  • Adapting: an ability to copy other peoples abilities and make him his own for long vast periods of time(this power would pretty much make Haul in truth be the most powerful character in history since due to this ability, he can copy anybody's strengths and powers like it was already invented by him. Example: there's a guy who is very strong and makes a fight with Haul with his own class of superpowers. Haul could adapt into every advantage his opponent had. A sword, a gun, a power, a strength that he doesn't have. All that can be copied into his own abilities like DLC. This could be considered an illegal ability to some though it is not)

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