Haunted House 2 is a horror-supernatural-thriller movie starring Amber Heard, Amanda Righetti, Briana Evigan, Shenae Grimes, Kat Graham, Jessica Szohr, Johanna Braddy and Kelly Stables


Alex, Jordan, Lea and their friends at the haunted house and now they are targeted once again by the ghost and demon.


Amber Heard as Alex

Amanda Righetti as Jordan

Briana Evigan as Lea

Shenae Grimes as Sarah

Kat Graham as Anna

Jessica Szohr as Jade

Johanna Braddy as Sam

Kelly Stables as Ghost Girl


Alex and Lea


Jade- She is drowned by the demon

Sam- She is attacked and slashed to death by the demon

Anna- She is dragged and has her throat slit by the Ghost Girl

Sarah- She is electrocuted

Jordan- She is dragged and has her back slashed by the demon

Ghost Girl- She has her throat slit

The Demon- It is stabbed to death by Lea

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