In 2099, a superstructure was discovered known as a Haven Disc. A Haven Disc is a Harbinger super structure in the shape of a Hexagram, 3,000 miles in diameter.


Out of all the Havonic Races, The Harbingers, or Anunnaki, were one of the last, the rest having been wiped out by the Super-Parasite known as The Spawn. The Harbingers were mere messengers of the higher orders, part physical, and metaphysical, the first hybrid species, and with no superiors to take orders from, The Harbingers took the battle into their own hands.

The Harbingers fought to defend their homeworld, Marduk, and failed horribly. They then began to harvest worlds, making many claybodies to mine gold for them. Many of them were unsuccesful, one of which would evolve into Humans, their homeworld was lost, all The Harbingers could do was maybe build something to protect the future races of Havona, and build a Last Resort, before The Spawn could return with even greater numbers than before, in an event The Harbingers called The Coming Storm. This Last Resort... would be known as Haven.

Before The Harbingers went into Hiding, they constructed a total of 21 Havens, 3 in each of the 7 Super Universes, and one Super-Haven inside of Earth.


A Haven Disc is 3,000 miles in diameter. Each Haven has environments replicated to be like Earth, or Urantia, as The Harbingers call it. Below are the main components of a standard Haven Disc.

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