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The fifth level of Total Assault 2.

Walkthrough Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Drones
    • Drone Rookie
    • Drone Veteran
    • Drone Specialist
  • Grendel
    • Grendel Rookie
    • Grendel Veteran
  • Banshees
    • Banshee Rookie
    • Banshee Veteran
  • Scarabs
    • Scarab Rookie
    • Scarab Veteran
  • Purists
    • Purist Rookie
    • Purist Veteran
    • Purist Specialist
    • Purist Lead Specialist
    • Purist Valiant
  • Ravager
    • Ravager Infantry

Weapons Edit

  • UEM
    • Ion Dagger
    • EMP Gloves
    • Pistol
    • Machine Gun
    • Scope Rifle
    • Frag Grenade
    • Flame Thrower
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Chain Gun
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Rocket Launcher
  • Zodiac
    • Sludge Pistol
    • Energy Repeater
    • Energy Rifle
    • Shard Grenade
    • Shock Rifle
    • Havoc Bow
    • Bio Sword
    • Sludge Launcher

Vehicles Edit

  • UEM
    • Jackrabbit
    • Rhino
    • Mammoth
    • Wolf
  • Zodiac
    • Hover Craft
    • Hover Chassis
    • Hover Tank
    • Hover Gun
    • Hover Aircraft

Objectives Edit

  • Clear The Ruins.
  • Find an LZ for the Ravens.
  • Clear an LZ.
  • Find the Central structure.

Walkthrough Edit

A second chance... Edit

  • As soon as you land grab a Rocket Launcher and EMP Gloves on the ground.
  • Frag the Grendel and Drone duo that exit from the ruins with a grenade.
  • Penetrate into the Ruins and obliterate the Zodiac inside with your EMP Gloves, once this is done, collect a good weapon from a Purist dead body and replace your EMP Gloves.
  • Hop into the Mammoth and blast your way across the chasm, take out the Hover Tanks.
  • Smash your way through the next set of ruins and through the final set.
  • Destroy the Zodiac exiting the structure until they stop flowing, do this and you will complete the objective and get a call from Malice himself.

My Blade is perfectly fine, thank you! Edit

  • Proceed through the final ruins and through the set of structures inside the massive rock formations. After exiting the seventh and final room, you will complete the mission.

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