Havona is the sphere that contains all modern life. It contains 7 Super Universes all of which contain 7 million Universes, each of which contains 7,000 Million Galaxies all of which contains 100 Billion suns. Havona was created by the first Havonians to organise space. This angered the parasite known as The Spawn which then waged war with the Isle of Paradise which was the Capital of the Havona sphere.

The Isle of Paradise

This Isle was really a massive planet, the size of our galaxy which contain 23 moons, all of which were as large as our solar system. During the Lucifer Rebellion (which it was later revealed, the original Havonian, who's name was Venus, was infected by a Daemon who's name was Lucifer) him and his followers were contained on these moons, sealed away from the rest of the Isle. The Isle was destroyed by the Core fleet.

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