Hayabusa White
Real Name Unknown
Height 5'11"
Weight Unknown
Resides Earth
Origin Earth
First Appearance Ninja Chronicles
Species Human






Katana named Black Shadow


Smoke Bomb

Fighting Styles Hayabusa Ninjitsu
Alignment Good

Hayabusa is a ninja and has an idol, Ryu Hayabusa. He has many different techniques then himm though and he is also the main character in Ninja Chronicles.


Hayabusa grew up in a small Japanese Villiage, living in a small house he shared with his parents and grandparents. He then became a Black Market salesman when he turned 12 and did this for about two more years. At 15 he became one of Japan's most wanted for selling the animal parts.

When he turned 16, he started to study on Ninjas and Samurais. He had then learned about a man named Ryu Hayabusa. He had started training and started to do many of his fighting moves as well as his own. He called this fighting style, the Hayabusa Ninja. He had then became a master ninja.

Hayabusa then returned home to find that his family had been killed. Hayabusa is now searching for the one who killed his family to this day.


  • Posseses many of Ryu Hayabusa's abilities.
  • Can throw a giant magic blade.
  • Uses spells to help him out.
    • Tornado - Let's him hover in a small tornado.
    • Fire - His sword becomes on fire.
    • Lightning - His sword becomes electrical.

In Ultimo X Fighter


  • (Coming Soon)


  • You're no match.
  • Come on, fight me.
  • This is your end.
  • Slice n Dice!
  • Jyarumu, give me your strength!
  • Shura, I'm coming for you.
  • Ryu Hayabusa is the true Hayabusa, not me.

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