He Knows Your Alone is a 2011 Horror Film remake of the 1980 Horror film of the same name. It is to be directed by Kathryn Bigelow and star Ivana Milicevic, Rochelle Aytes, Tammy Gillis, Cole Hauser, Rachel Nichols and David Carradine.


A Man is left at the altar by his suppose to arrive bride who is instead back their royal hotel sleeping with the caterer.

The man heads back to the hotel and in a state of unsurpressed rage massacres the two.

A severe bloodlust then forms and the man kills all the authorities that come barging into the hotel room.

The man escapes through a ventilation shaft and assumes the identity of one the dead officers whose body he hides away.

The Man then five years later targets one of his dead ex-wife's bridesmaids who is about to be wed to a man she is having second thoughts about.

He fixes his murderous attention also on her young teenage bridesmaids whom he proceeds to kill one by one on his way to the main blushing bride.

The Bride however is approached in her time of need by a certain officer who lost his brother to the maniacal murderer whom he believes has set his sights on her.


  • Ivana Milicevic as Amy Jensen
  • Rochelle Aytes as Joyce
  • Tammy Gillis as Nancy
  • Cole Hauser as Det. Len Gamble
  • Rachel Nichols as Diane Jensen
  • David Carradine as Prof. Carl Mason

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