Heart is a 2011 Slasher Horror Film written and directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Emma Stone, Sean Faris, Abby Elliot, Emily Osment, Cole Sprouse, Ricky Ullman, Dylan Sprouse, Sebastian Applewhite and Aimee Teegarden. It is part of the Original Slasher Guild Films which include Steve Miner's Cave, Steven Soderberg's Mahjong, Tim Burton's Color and Lasse Hallstrom's Farm.


The film oversees an eighteen year old red headed girl looking for love on Valentine's Day along with her two best friends.

At the same time a killer emerges sick of all the sappy romance and sappy romance films.


  • Emma Stone as Caitleen Everson
  • Sean Faris as Rodney Elliot
  • Abby Elliot as Patrice Singer
  • Emily Osment as Katelyn Crimmins
  • Cole Sprouse as Wendell Jubellee
  • Ricky Ullman as Rick Kriticos
  • Dylan Sprouse as Daniel O' Leary/ The On-Trip to Missing Brother
  • Sebastian Applewhite as Cory Lancelot
  • Aimee Teegarden as Julia Jennitson/ The Killer
  • Ari Graynor as Jane Jameson
  • Emily Browning as Lonely Girl
  • Alona Tal as Cassandra/ Girlfriend of Daniel
  • Brandon T. Jackson as Carlon Davis
  • Rachel McAdams as Lena Lawson

Original Slasher's Guild

As of May 14th, 2010 Steven Spielberg approached a handful of associate film directors and proposed to create a theater distribution similiar to Grindhouse or Reinhart.

He proposed that the theater possess an original name and release high budget, ensemble cast slasher films that are not remakes of any original slasher and are original in their own right.

Director Steve Miner signed on immediatley to the at first untitled company and then was followed by directors: Tim Burton, Steven Soderberg and finally Lasse Hallstrom.

Each of the directors would form a cast and crew and create their own prestigous original slasher film and release it for the theater they would create.

The theater titled as of March 31st, 2010 as the Original Slasher's Guild had revealed teaser trailers for the films that would be made and would be released back to back.

The first film completed was Steve Miner's slasher film the Cave which was then followed by Hallstrom's slasher Farm.

They were released on January 30th at the Original Slashers Guild.

Death Sequences

  1. Jane Jameson- Killed at beginning of film in home via pruning shears to eye sockets
  2. Lonely Girl- Killed in apartment via Pruning Shears to heart
  3. Cassandra- Killed in Carlson's restuarant via head in chip fryer
  4. Carlson- Killed in Restuarant via gun shot through chin
  5. Lena- Killed in Cory's red car via car window being wound up and breaking on head
  6. Cory Lancelot- Killed in home on bed via knife slit and drowning in water bed inside
  7. Daniel- Killed in Cassandra's apartment following killer accusation via decapitation with battle-axe
  8. Katelyn- Killed following long chase at Hotel Heart via impalement with prop gate
  9. Renny- Killed following escape from killer's car via impalement from the car's tip and impalement in heart with car's heart blade
  10. Patrice- Killed in apartment following chase around house via back throat slit by butcher's knife
  11. Julia Jennitson/The Killer- Shot in heart throat with bullet and stabbed through heart with Car Heart Blade

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