His Excellency
Hectór Alcuevdo

Nationality San León
Office 2nd President of San León
Term start November 28 1960
Term end March 2 1971
Predecessor Victór Luiz Manorója
Sucessor Manuel Ravisso
Birth date 8 October 1897
Birth place Santa María, San León
Death date 18 April 1989
Death place Santa María, San León
Party Partido por la Libertad de San León

Hectór Alcuevdo (8 October 1897-18 April 1989) was a San León politician and the second President of San León, after its democratic government was restored in 1960. He founded the Party For the Liberation of San León in 1948, one year after Victór Luiz Manorója declared the country a Communist nation.

Alcuevdo championed the San León democracy that Manorója had briefly adopted after securing independence for San León in 1939, and by 1951 the Party For the Liberation of San León had enough backing to launch a full-scale civil war which lasted for nine years, until Manorója was ousted in 1960.

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