AC Barnett's plan sheet photo, he didn't show what he cared.

Hedgewars: Sonic Flying was a movie short that aired as Club Penguin wanted a movie short that showed action, and was rated PG. The movie was made on 2002, when Professor Z was a villain but became a hero, as shown in D.P. Ponggan's diary (caused by Chaos Emeralds). The theme song is Splash, I Was Taking a Bath.

The albeit short film got negative reviews, 2/100 on Rotten Tomatoes.


(Plot shown in box.)

  Deep in 2000, AC Barnett (Crosby Limmet) was looking for copper. Professor Z is happy, first shown when riding on water.
  And then so, monkeys with butterfly prints then chase Professor Z-but stranded themselves, and looked after sharks. 
  DP Ponggan was calling, but the one who was calling to screamed (Reason: there was a rat on the speaker's TV). 
  Sonic (Diego Zandher, although the link goes to a fake game) was running on the stairs, but however, he ran over a spring, causing him to fly upwards and bump his head on the penthouse of Calner Mansion in Calner Beach.
  Miles Prower (Cal Duchen) came to meet him over. "Sonic, you shot high! You will need remedies!"    
  Sonic replied to Tails: "No, i'm fine."
  But then so, he did not accept Tails' question, and ran quickly, to meet Cream (Cal Duchen) at, but had ice cream, ½ scoops.
  A clash banged, ringing Sonic's ears. After, Tails was singing, but Sonic laughed: "Oh, eatin' on a pear! Take my ham."
  AC Barnett showed his plan photo to DP Ponggan.
  It was not remaining the cure.

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  Storks then pecked on Sonic's head, and it was bad.



Crosby Limmet at the wardrobe, along with his background

  • Crosby Limmet as AC Barnett
  • Diego Zandher as Sonic
  • Cal Duchen as Tails and Cream

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