Hell's Gallery is the 2008 title to an upcoming slasher film crossover.


The film is meant to be a large crossover of six slasher film franchises:Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, and Evil Dead. It is meant to tie up all loose ends left by the original films in each series. It is connected to the original franchises, not the remakes.


Pinhead Returns

A thug wearing a ski mask breaks into a corner antique store, breaking the glass door to get in. The thug scans the shelves of antiques, and grabs anything that looks valuable. Eventually his yes land on the Lament Configuration. Thinking it looked worth enough the thug grabs it. The thug suddenly hears sirens coming down the road. The thug had tripped the silent alarm and sprints through a back door of the store and runs into an alley, and continues to sprint.

Eventually he stops at a warehouse and then looks at the Lament Configuration. The thug figures out that it looks like a puzzle, and always being good at puzzles does it and solves it. There is then a glow, and suddenly hooked chains fly out at him and pull him into the box, into Hell. And then a figure comes out, Pinhead. Pinhead hears the sirens and the police get out of their cars and run into the warehouse. "The guy said he was the thief head inside," one officer says and they walk in and see Pinhead walking in their direction. "Stop," one of the officers shouts. Pinhead continues to walk. "Fire," the officer shouts and a hail of bullets is fired upon Pinhead to know effect. "You human and your guns," Pinhead says solemnly makes hooked chains appear in his hands. "What the," the officer begins to say when Pinhead swings one of the hooks at him, catching him in the stomach and throws him into a wall. The remaining four officers begin to scream, and Pinhead easily tears them apart with his hooked chains, and eventually they are all dead. Two other Cenobites then come out of the Lament Configuration. "Gressil, Abigor, you're late," Pinhead says, "They're all dead, but no matter." Pinhead then begins to head towards the door followed by the two other Cenobites.

Caught in the Dark

Kathy Andrews is walking into her home with groceries in her arms. She closes the door with her foot and then flips on a light switch for the front hallway. She heads towards the kitchen. "Man it's been a long day," she says as she puts the groceries on the counter. She then turns to flip a light switch to see a dark figure standing in front of her. Kathy screams when the figure grabs her by the shirt with its left hand, and puts a knife to her throat with its right. Kathy screams as she is slammed into a wall. In the faint light she can see it is a man wearing a plain, but creepy looking white mask. "Michael," Kathy says in shock. "Laurie," Michael says in a whispery voice, "Where is she." "I don't know," Kathy screams. Michael makes a tiny cut on her neck and she screams, "All right, I'll tell you!" Kathy pauses a moment and then says, "Springwood, Ohio. 1428 Elm Street! That's where she is!" She is then silent and waits for Michael to let go of her. Michael then slits her throat and drops her onto the ground. She gasps for air as her neck bleeds profusely. Michael then walks away as she slowly dies.

Turning on the Sawyers

Leatherface is in the kitchen preparing a meal for the Sawyers at the Sawyer home when a breeze suddenly moves in and makes the double windows burst open. Leatherface turns in the direction of the windows but sees nothing there. Leatherface looks outside and sees nothing so he closes the windows and looks back to the stove to see a pale man clad in black leather standing there. With his limited speech Leatherface asks, "Who are you," and reaches for his chain saw. "There is no need to be frightened," the man says, "My name is Gressil. I am a cenobite speaking on behalf of my master." Leatherface is confused. Gressil continues saying, "He knows of your problems, and your lust to kill. He offers his hand of friendship. He understands you, that you're abused by this so called family. He offers you to join him in a special group he's putting together. Where you'd be understood." To the best of his ability Leatherface thinks this over thinking about how he could be treated nicely. "What do I do," Leatherface asks. "First," Gressil says, "Take your vengeance on those who have done you wrong."

"Where is he," Grandpa shouts. "I'm sure he'll be back any minute," Luda Mae says. Leatherface then walks into the room chain saw in hand. "What is it," Grandpa says looking back at Leatherface, "What's going on." Leatherface then turns on the chain saw. "What are you doing," Grandpa asks with nervousness in his voice. Leatherface then brings the chain saw down upon Grandpa's head, cutting him in half. "Stop," Luda Mae shouts as Leatherface approaches the others. Gressil watches silently from the doorway.

Laurie's New Life

It is the next day. Laurie, now under the alias of Martha Bates, wakes up in the morning, gets dressed, and goes downstairs. She sees her new husband Bart cooking. "Hey Bart," Laurie says. "Good morning Martha," Bart says, "You're just in time for breakfast." Laurie looks at her watch and then says, "Sorry, I've got to run. I hate having to skip out on you." "It's fine," Bart says, "You've got work to do, as do I in an hour." Laurie walks to Bart and hugs him saying, "I love you." They then kiss and Laurie heads towards the door and walks out.

When Laurie gets into the car she turns on the ignition and then the radio. As she drives out of the driveway she listens to the searches the stations. She hears on one station, "Mr. Harry MacDonald who lived on 1414 Elm Street in Springwood, Ohio was found dead in his home." "What," Laurie says in surprise. The man on the radio continues saying, "He was found dead in his bed. There was blood everywhere and four stab wounds in his chest. The police have not yet revealed any suspects, but we will keep you posted." "Oh my God," Laurie says and changes to another station, "Is he here?"


Detective Andy Parker is in the office of police Commissioner George Xavier of Springwood. "This is bad," Andy says, "I think these are the signs that Freddy Krueger is back." "You could be right," George replies, "But we don't know for sure." "Can we afford to not do something," Andy replies. "Everyone in Springwood uses hypnocil, and we have blocked him from the people's memories," George replies, "Perhaps it is someone else." "The wounds in the man's chest," Andy says pulling out the picture and pointing at his chest, "Were created by Freddy's glove. The four stabs. The four blades on his glove." George observes the picture and then looks out the window saying, "How can that monster attack us again. I thought that was settled after that affair." "Action must be taken," Andy says. "What," George replies, "The maniac attacks people in their dreams which I thought we prevented. What can we possibly do?" Fear enters Andy's eyes and he says, "I don't know."

Remembering the Past

Laurie works now as the manages of the local S-Mart. She is walking to her locker and gets her things about when she hears some things on the radio in the back. "Two violent murders occurred in Texas last night," the reporter says, "In Austin the bodies of several cops were found in an Acme Warehouse, with their bodies torn to pieces and flung about." "What," Laurie says in shock with a disgusted look on her face. "Not only that," the reporter says, "But in a house in the middle of the Texan desert the bodies of several people were also found, not to mention several others hung on meat hooks and several other places. So far no suspect is certain, but many believe that this isn't mere coincidence." "What's the world coming to," Laurie says remembering Michael and thinking about all of the recent killings, "Why does the world have to be this way?" She then puts on her coat and heads out of the store.

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