Fifth level of TA 3





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Into The Void

  • Once the ships arrive on the other side, a Spawn infested Troy Station will appear, break in half, whilst the other half careens into the ocean, and a brilliant light show plays out beneath the water's surface. The other half sits atop a large mountain. Hayes states that Taylor, one of their agents, was sent aboard it with a large crew, she then tells Davian and Jon to go aboard to find her. They are okay with this. While Ivy and the others defend the survivors from the Zodiac on the ground, defending it.

The Cutscene Ends and another one begins showing two Phoenix Gryphons flying to the wreckage, and landing, and Davian and Jon landing feet first in the wreckage. Jon then suggests they split up. Davian remembers the motto but doesn't bother. Davian says for Jon to find Taylor, whilst he searches for the Shard, gameplay begins.

  • Start by traveling past the swarms of Seed Spawn, and you will get messages constantly while in this Spawn Hive, riddled with blood red secretion. The messages to not reveal whom they are from, and appear to be many voices speaking at once, or at random points, ranging from a small female voice to a deep male voice. The player will also get random, threatening messages from The Metatron, telling him to stop, and that he is being foolish, and that he cannot win.

After dropping through a hole, you will be attacked by Spawn. Kill them, as well as the new Over Spawn, and continue your way deeper into the ship, fighting your way through hordes of Spawn, and the many command decks. You will also visit many familiar areas from the first level of the second game, such as the room you start in, and the massive elevator shaft, which is probably the most difficult area, as it is the most heavily populated area by Spawn. When you find the Shard, Jon contacts you, and tells you they should probably destroy the generators, and keep the Spawn from spreading. The player must navigate halfway back the way he came, until a hole blows open in the paneling, kill the Carrier Spawn which bursts its way through and continue further into the ship, until you get to the command deck itself, below it, are the generators. Several grenades will suffice to destroy them. Once they are destroyed, evacuation lights will come on.

The World is Quiet Here

You may follow them, but they disappear a bit of the way back into the secretion. Anyway, continue further back the way you came, bypassing any potential enemies, and when you get back to where you started, the level ends.

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