Hellboy: Cruella go Run! is a 2004 Dark Horse Comic published by Mike Mignola and Brian McDonald which introduces the later recurring classic antagonist of the Hellboy universe Devil

The comic is part of the Hellboy vs. Devil series before the character joins the group of Hellboy antagonists collectively known as the Fourth Reich.

It also features the introduction and solemn appearence of Hellboy love interest Barleen Von Krumpton.

The character of Devil was also created by legendary Mexican raised filmaker Robert Rodriquez who was behind the likes of the El Mariachi and Spy Kids films as well as the popular recent comic based action film Sin City.

Mike Mignola put out a requirement for American Based eccentric filmakers to come in and create a villain which would appear throughout their comics.

The idea of this came from Derek Thompson who claimed that seeing as it is very difficult to come up with classical villains why not bring well known eccentrics and have them create a villain which would almost guarantee popularity of the antagonist character they add in.


The Paranormal Investigation Agency are called upon by a Miss Marlette Von Krumpton for a case.

However upon Hellboy and Johann Krauss being dispatched to the large Pennsylvanian Home Building from which she called from they find her dead: in what appears to be a drug related suicide.

However further investigations into the death reveal murder and a twin sister by the name of Barleen Von Krumpton blames Hellboy and Krauss for the death wishing to kill them.

It is revealed a group known as the Rose Marquee' have been circulating around the city suburb of Marlock Pennyslvania killing attractive young rich twin women.

The leader of the Marquee who goes by the name Devil use to be a lawyor for rich powerful women until a set of twin actress women ordered their father's bodyguard to come in on their courtcase and spray a new toxin upon him which their father had discovered at his factory.

The supernatural toxin turned him into something of humanoid devil (hence the title name).



  • Hellboy
  • Johann Krauss
  • Elizabeth Sherman (cameo appearence in issue)
  • Abraham Sapien (cameo appearence in issue)


The Rose Marquee'

  • Devil
  • Emilio Patricks
  • Corman Mcladden (turns good following deaths of his fellow marquee' members)
  • Ace Dillin
  • Franjessica Moree'
  • Nathaniel Larsson
  • Colby
  • Lolby

Love Interests

  • Barleen Von Krumpton

Victim Characters

  • Marlette Von Krumpton (caler of case)
  • Miss Helen Timet
  • Nathaniel Larsson
  • Franjessica Moree'
  • Ace Dillin
  • Emilio Patricks

Other Characters

  • Elizabeth Sherman
  • Abraham Sapien
  • Professor Trevor Bruttenholm
  • Tom Manning
  • Cassandra Dillinger (the first love interest of Hellboy's apart from little Katelynn Corman)
  • Tangina (Psychic: liasion for Paranormal Defense Agency who later dies in the following issue Crystal Ball and Dark Eye)

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