Hellboy: To Hell and Back is a trade paperback collection of Mike Mignola's classic series of Hellboy comics (the last classic comic issue of Hellboy ending before the pre-production of the film adaption)

It features from the first ever Hellboy comic ever published to the last of the classic series.

The series features all of Hellboy's most classic loves, villains and cases and even in the box-set collection released on January 4th 2005 a paperback booklet chronicling the similiarities between Marvel's classic superhero Spider-Man and DC Comics' Classic caped crusader Batman.


  1. Hellboy: The issue which begins with two infant twins Howard and Harley Mortson being stolen by a horribly disfigured old man dressed in a hood and taken into a hell dimension which resulted in them being turned intwo two horrible looking devil like humanoid creatures. However a week following the abduction of the two the two seconds youngest of the babies Howard is brought back to earth through a horrible machine created by supernatural meddling nazi Rasputin. Howard though still bears the visage of a demonoid creature but comes to be raised by an Occult Professor who in an agreement with the Goverment starts a Paranormal Defense Agency comprising of Howard as the lead advocate recruit
  2. Hellboy: No Heaven Nor Hell: The following second issue of the series in which following the completion of the Paranormal Defense Agency recruits oversees Hellboy, Elizabeth Sherman and Abraham Sapien be dispatched to deal with a series of monster attacks on local Manhattan Subways. The issue ends with a battle betwen Hellboy and his twin brother Harley who now dons the title of The Ape as well as a large form.
  3. Hellboy: A Western Devil's Tail: The third issue oversees Hellboy learning from his brother that he and him were not the only twin children abducted and taken to the hell dimension of Asgar. One of their human parents: Father Markus Mortson is alive and living in Tumblay Morocco following the death of their human mother Cassiendra. He travels to Tumblay along with Abe and learns that their parent's friend's set of twin children were also taken to Asgar and unlike them haven't returned. Hellboy however finds that the disfigured wizened male that took them as an undead cowboy assassin after he and Harley's human father in Morocco. Hellboy plans to come to him and make a deal with him to bring their parent's friends' twin children back.
  4. Hellboy: A Pot Of Gold: The fourth issue which introduces the classic recurring villain the Leprechaun a former midget protestor and peformer in the Manhattan St. Patricks Day festival whom was abducted by actual Leprechauns of the netherworld for his slanderation of them. Hellboy, Liz, Abe and the good professor find themselves cursed as they are called for a case by a crack team of Mexican Archeologists whom have found an underground chamber of gold in Manhattan. Hellboy, Liz, Abe and the Professor find amongst the riches a distinct bag of pure gold which upon temptation they divide between leading them to be cursed and marked as targets of deaht by the Leprechaun
  5. Hellboy: You Snooze Ya Lose: The Paranormal Defense Agency face up against a rival agency known as the Unnormal Offensive Agency who'se equally matching members are called onto the same case as they are by the President in Washington D.C when a being renovated for parliament building leaves three diggers severley face disfigured by powder acid and the rest in a deep sleep. It is revealed to be the work of a rogue Sandman trying to get back at his long dead father and rival sandman brother
  6. Hellboy: Honkey Tonk Tonk: The issue in which the classic Hellboy love interest Howdy Jesse first appears as well as the classic four part godly villain Sandstorm. Hellboy and the team are sent to Mexico for both a case (called upon by the small Mexico Town Panchita's Mayor) and to recruit the Mayor's daughter Howdy Jesse.
  7. Hellboy: The Writing On The Wall: A grew of Manhattan graffiting vigilantes known collectively as the Winged Yellows terrorize a fragile just of surgery brunette woman living in the Bronx. Hellboy learns of the incidents in which the graffitiers have actually been unnatural murderers and suggests this be a case to the rest of the Paranormal Defense Agency
  8. Hellboy: Black and Blue: The Paranormal Defense Agency loses it's leader Charles Mangold whom is then replaced by by army liasion Thomas Manning: An Arrogant Bald man who drives Hellboy into a state of rage whilest Abe, The Professor and Liz try to catch Mangold's invisible murderer. The murderer is revealed to be a former Soviet agent who has been taking out all the military heads of military departments once part of a crew whom made him permantley invisible
  9. Hellboy: Highway To Hell: Hellboy leaves the Paranormal Defense Agency and takes up to helping out an amnesiac Katelyn who is stuck in Mexico with a Paranormal Defense Soldier whom appears a little less then friendly for Hellboy's liking
  10. Hellboy: Hell at The Zoo: Two 19 year old thieving swindling boys happen upon the Paranormal Defense Agency and the imprisoned Hellboy's brother the Ape. They report their findings to their black market trading dad who decides to start his own supernatural zoo with the Paranormal Defense Agency's unnatural imprisoners.
  11. Hellboy: Two Boys Become One: The swindling twin thieving boys from the previous issue survive The Ape and the rest of the Defense Agency's zoo breakout but become exposed to the Ape's toxin formula which makes them elastic like conjoined doubles. The two boys at first wish call upon the Defense Agency following their clean-up of their mess to help them but soon find use of their predicament and find themselves recruits for the Agency
  12. Hellboy: Narcism and Narciss: The issue brings the classic neutral villain Narciss who sells in with the Ape to bring the Paranormal Defense Agency down as the Unnatural Offensive Agency. The issue oversees the elimination of the Offensive Agency at Narciss and the Ape's Hands
  13. Hellboy: Two Sides To Every Story: Hellboy and Liz finally consumate their love like tensions and begin a week lasting relationship. By the end of the week they end up in a Demon Therapists' care who is recounted their tragic week involvinga Humanoid Leech Bar Brawl, a missing girl, a dead girl found in the sewer (Howdy Jesse). Hellboy and Liz later find that the demon therapist is behind the disappearence of the missing girl and the death of Howdy Jesse
  14. Hellboy: Broken Sonnet: Introduces the classic Hellboy Love Interest Violin Carolina. The issue oversees following his and Liz's break-up Hellboy along with Abe trailing Liz when she departs following a case in which they find her taking up her hobby of playing the violin at the Manhattan Steven S. Saint Orchestral Theater. Hellboy threatens Steven Saint after seeing him get comfortable with Liz but at the same times find himself attracted to her fellow blonde violin player Violin Carolina who however has an evil older sister Edna Mallam whom serves as an underrated singer for the orchestra which ends up in a twisted revenge plot becoming the Paranormal Defense Agency's next case
  15. Hellboy: A Lullaby Of Very Few Words: Violin Carolina falls in with a shady music buisness man Blind E whom makes a deal for her soul that she must acquire the souls of Hellboy and Abe Sapien for his collection. He grants her the power of amazing song which when in use causes a listener's soul to be poured out. Blind E reveals to her in his final moments after being taken out by Big Baby that her deceased jealous sister had made a deal for a beautiful singing voice in return for her soul.
  16. Hellboy: Say Aaaah!: A Friend of the Professor's parent son is horribly mutilated in his home before the eyes of young daughter. The Professor then takes to the case personally and finds that a woman known as the witch whom has cursed the family with all males of the line to be devoured by a race of winged demonic creatures known as Tooth Fairies. The issue introduces the classic villain the Witch.
  17. Hellboy: The Big Yellow: A Long yellow van goes from Manhattan's beaches in the hot summer of 1996 abducting Surfer Girls. The Paranormal Defence Agency takes the case but the undercover requirements of Hellboy, Liz and Abe ruin their mission. The issue introduces the classic Hellboy love interest Holly Harper a surfer girl at Hell Beach Manhattan whom is the latest target for the unseen inhuman occupants of the Big Yellow.
  18. Hellboy: A Plant's Life: The Professor following being fired from the Paranormal Agency becomes a part time botanist alongside an long time old friend. The friend named Dr. William Lennox however is attacked on a misunderstood case of mistaken identity which results in him falling into a bottled substance of supernatural plant alloy which results in him becoming a villainous rage fuelled plant mass villain titled as the Moss Monster. The issue introduces the classic recurring villain the Moss Monster

Classic Hellboy VillainsEdit

  • The Ape- Harley Mortson: Considered Main Villain of the Hellboy universe whom is the most recurring Hellboy villain
  • The Moss Monster- Dr. William Lennox
  • Troll- Clark Gable
  • Angry Feline- Tess Abernath
  • Snake- Charlie Gildin
  • Axe- Peter Strom
  • Prince Nuatha- Nuatha Silverline
  • Crown- Kevin Bandernett
  • Captain Sinister- Dominique Davis
  • Mrs. Penny Apple- Dame Helena Marcross
  • Cyclops- One eyed Opium Dinklage
  • Mermaid- Jeanine Sireeen
  • Wizard- Reginald Wexler
  • Mr. Vaults- Electrician Ivan Underling
  • Wind-up- Karl Kroenen
  • Bad Blonde and Evil Hand: The Devilish Duo: Ilsa von Haupstein and Grigori Rasputin
  • Bombard- Alexei Tiarnis
  • Koku
  • Conquerer Worm- Lawrence Wormley
  • Spider- Maxwell Gildin
  • Rat- Thomas Gildin
  • Man-Hare- 1930's pest Leore Martinez


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