Harry Potter. Instead of Ginny, Hermione is given Tom Riddle's diary. However, this time, will anyone discover Hermione is behind the attacks.


Hermione felt horrified when she discovered the diary in her trunk. She opened and read it's contents, and there was nothing inside.

She decided to keep the diary and write about her life. "Here i go", she muttered as she wrote into the diary, saying how Ron and Harry never made it to the train.

She also wrote down how she and Nevile were once again bullied by Malfoy and his goons. Just then, when she was about to put the book down, she felt something.

She looked down and relised there was more writing. It simply said, Miss Weasley. Hermione wondered who wrote it and why was Ginny mentioned.

Hermione Granger, she wrote down. No reply. "What the hell", she muttered. She was getting scared. No reply.

She put the book into her trunk and fell asleap on the bed. She woke up the next day and pulled all her books in her bag.

It was Halloween and Hermione continued to write into the diary. Tom Riddle was writing to her, and Hermione fell in love with the diary.

Just then, an hand reached from the book. Hermione screamed. The hand grabbed onto her hair and simply pulled an chunk out of her.

The hand, along with the hair, went into the diary. Hermione fell unconscious. She woke up and looked at her hands. They were covered in blood.

Hermione ran to an bathroom and washed her hands. She ran out of the bathroom and heard screams and yells.

Hermione quickly ran and saw Harry and Ron, along with hundreads of studnets, looking at an wall. "The Chamber Of Secrets are reopened", Hermione screamed.

The writing was blood. She saw Harry and Ron look at her, and Ron mouthed "Where were you". Hermione simply replyed, "Asleap".

However, Hermione noticed something else. Mrs. Norris, was lying on the puddle, petrified.

One, Entering The Chamber

Hermione finds the chamber's location and goes in. She discovers the Basilik, who doesn't kill her. What does it want.

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