Hidden Chronicles is the 79th episode of 100 Acre Wood Chronicles.

  • Plot

In the Jungle - Timmy and Martin visited Kiara and Kopa who are bored. They play together by racing to the waterfalls. But they were chased off by Shenzi Banzi and Ed.

After the escape - Kopa Kiara Martin and Timmy become deeply depressed with the way things are in this world and wish for a day of peace love and understanding. Just then - a drop of rain falls from the sky and a rose blooms. Jack Skellington emerges from within the roses petals. Jack tells the little friends that he can get rid of all the evils of the world. But to do so - The friends took Jack to the 100 Acre Wood. They got to Eeyore's mountain top and Jack casts a spell to end all evil (By turning Pete Jenner Brain Pinky The Hyena Trio and Shere Khan from being evil to being good). The Forest is now seemingly a peaceful and harmonic place and the animals worship Jack forming a cult devoted to him.

Meanwhile - Jiminy Cricket convinces Timmy Martin Kiara and Kopa even though Jack has provided safety - He has robbed Spoonerville and Thorn Valley of it's freewill. Since the Skeleton has become evil - the deal he made with the little friends is broken and They followed Jack in hot pursuit to the top of Eeyore's mountain. There - They confront each other in a showdown. During the confrontation - Jack Skellington falls from the edge of the mountain. As he falls into oblivian - the world goes back to the way it formerly was.

Pooh Tigger Piglet Woody Buzz Jiminy Timon and Pumbaa now worship the four little friends. But Timmy Martin Kiara and Kopa tell the others that evil and good make the world go round and that we must not wish for peace. But we must make peace.

  • Triva

  • In this episode - Timmy and Martin joined up with Kiara and Kopa

  • This episode served as the series finale to 100 Acre Wood Chronicles

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