Hide and Go Shriek is a 3D 2011 American Horror film remake of the 1988 slasher film of the same name. It is written by Gregory Levasseur and directed by Ivan Reitman. It stars Charisma Carpenter, Alana Austin, Eddie Redmayne, Brad Renfro, Erika Christensen, Doutsen Croes, Clemence Posey, Perdita Weeks, Candice Accola, Edward Speleers, Evan Rachel Wood and Leven Rambin. It also features a cameo appearence from Comedic Actor Seth Rogen.


Bonnie Williams (Charisma Carpenter) along with her friends Randy Flint (Eddie Redmayne) Kim Downs (Alana Austin) David Hanson (Brad Renfro) Judy Ramteize (Erika Christensen) Shawn Phillips (Doutsen Croes) Malissa Morgan (Clemence Posey) Tamara Corbin (Perdita Weeks) Clarissa Tumblin (Evan Rachel Wood) Justice (Leven Rambin) and Zack (Edward Speleers) are celebrating their Graduation from Henson High.

Instead of going along with the rest of the Graduating Seniors to Donnie Mechlowitz's Graduation Bash they plan a party of their own.

Bonnie decides with her group of friends to have a Graduation Party in the large shopping mall complex where her father works as the propietor of a Furniture Store on Floor Eight.

The group agree and then head for the mall unaware of the ghastly death awaiting them.

There is an escaped psychopath on the loose with a poor taste of humour who takes to the celebrating youths.

The group soon after the disappearence of two of the group become locked in the mall complex.

The film begins with Kate McGraw at her house at night during a rainstorm bidding goodbye to her parents who are going out for an Anniversary Dinner.

Kate is then left alone in the house on a two way call with her best friend Bonnie Williams and older sister Tanya.

She then receives a a third phone call from an unknown man saying "I Know Where Your Going Tonight" Claire attempts to converse with the man but he hangs up after she asks who he is and how he got her number.

She is then killed at the front door whilest locking it.

She is then reported missing.

Her friend Bonnie and her Graduating Class Friends then come to the Mall Complex.

Malissa from the group departs early to meet her secret boyfriend.

She is then killed whilest with him.

One of the group Justice is then the first to die in the Mall Complex.

The Security Guard on patrol is then killed following.


  • Charisma Carpenter as Bonnie Williams
  • Eddie Redmayne as Randy Flint
  • Alana Austin as Kimberley Downs
  • Brad Renfro as David Hanson
  • Alyson Hannigan as Tanya McGraw
  • Erika Christensen as Judy Ramteize
  • Doutsen Croes as Shawn Phillips
  • Clemence Posey as Malissa Morgan
  • Edward Speleers as Zacharia
  • Perdita Weeks as Tamara Corbin
  • Evan Rachel Wood as Clarissa Tumblin
  • Leven Rambin as Justice
  • Seth Rogen as Donnie The Mall Cop
  • Jenna Dewan as Katie McGraw
  • Liam Aiken as Detective Lancast

Similiarities with Black Christmas

The film greatly resembles the 2006 Black Christmas Film.

Both motion pictures feature very brutal kills and have some sort of part removed from the victim.

In Black Christmas' case it was eyeballs and in Hide and Go Shriek's Case it is Scalps.

Death Sequences

  1. Katie McGraw: Killed at beginning of film in house as parent's go out for Anniversary Dinner. Is killed at door of house via axe through door into face and hair scalped as the killer's hand smashes through front door and takes it
  2. Detective Lancast: Killed whilest making out with Malissa Morgan, killed via Police Baton through chest
  3. Malissa Morgan: Killed after hiding in police car, killed as the killer smashes his hand through the police car back window and uses both hands to smash her on the roof off the car.
  4. Justice: Killed in Lavatory Store following chase via throat slit with broken glass shard in toilet aisle
  5. Donnie The Mall Cop:

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