High School Massacre: Junior Year is a horror-thriller-slasher film starring Shaileene Woodley, Scout Taylor-Compton, Daren Kagasoff, Drew Roy, Leighton Meester, Nico Tortorella, Andrew Garfield, Erik Knudsen, Alexa Vega, Britt Robertson and Daryl Sabara


A group of friends are targeted by a new killer and locked inside their high school


Shaileene Woodley as Karen

Scout Taylor-Compton as Sadie

Daren Kagasoff as Tyler

Drew Roy as Owen

Leighton Meester as Lindsay

Nico Tortorella as Justin

Andrew Garfield as Eric

Erik Knudsen as Chris

Alexa Vega as Kailey

Britt Robertson as Anna

Daryl Sabara as Seth


Kailey- Gutted

Seth- Hanged

Chris- Stabbed in chest

Anna- Pushed off stair railing

Eric- Stabbed in throat

Justin- Stabbed in heart

Lindsay- Throat slit

Owen- Stabbed to death by Karen and shot in head by Sadie


Karen, Sadie and Tyler

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