High School Massacre: Sophomore Year is a horror-thriller-slasher film starring Emma Roberts, Steven R. McQueen, Lucy Hale, Aimee Teegarden, Keegan Allen, Nina Dobrev, Ashley Benson, Shenae Grimes, Chelsea Kane, Claire Holt, Kat Graham, Shay Mitchell, Paul Wesley, Jessica Szohr and Michael Trevino


A group of sophomore friends are targeted by a new killer who wants to finish where Kyle (David Henrie) and Marissa (Demi Lovato) started.



Emma Roberts as Erica

Steven R. McQueen as Kevin

Lucy Hale as Erin

Aimee Teegarden as Katie

Keegan Allen as David

Nina Dobrev as Julia

Ashley Benson as Rachel

Shenae Grimes as Lacey

Chelsea Kane as Kim

Claire Holt as Jessica

Kat Graham as Deena

Shay Mitchell as Kayla

Paul Wesley as Matt

Jessica Szohr as Claire

Michael Trevino as Duncan


Duncan- Stabbed to death

Matt- Stabbed in chest

Claire- Stabbed in heart

Deena- Gutted

Kayla- Choked to death

Kim- Stabbed several times

Lacey- Decapitated

Jessica- Shot in chest

Katie- Stabbed to death by Erin and shot in head by Erica


Erica, Kevin, Erin, David, Julia and Rachel

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