Universe Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Race Moogle
Gender Female
Hometown Riyu
Family Badge (mate), Kyle (son)

Hikari is a fan character in the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles universe and the fanfiction Pen and Paper. She hails from the fictional town Riyu and travels in a crystal caravan with her four friends Hailey, Roc, Kay Lee, and Set Kil. She previously traveled with Roc and joined his second caravan for a single year before mating with a male Moogle and becoming pregnant, forcing her to retire.

Character Design


Hikari is the motherly figure of the group. Whenever disputes arise, she is always the first one to come in and try to compromise, if possible. She is also a bit of a "whiner" when others try to pet her bonbon or paint her fur. Her greatest desire is to become a mother, which is fulfilled when she mates and gives birth to a baby boy she names Kyle.

Fighting Style

Hikari rarely fights and prefers to stay behind and serve as the group's guardian. When needed, she can assist one of her friends in casting an offensive, defensive, or healing spell.