Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny travel back in time to save their loved ones.

The Last Death

Harry and Ginny ignored the shouting and the yells coming from outside. They looked into each other's eyes, for the last time.

"I guess this is it", he admitted. Ginny nodded, tears in her eyes.

They were the last survivors of the Wizarding world and the muggle world. They had witnessed their family and their friends die, now it was their turn.

After the battle of Hogwarts, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Nevile and Luna were forced to run away, and some of their family members escaped.

When hiding in Potter Manor, James's old house, Ron and Hermione got married. The moment was destroyed when the death eaters invaded in.

Luna didn't escape, and she was tortured. Harry and Ron managed to get her, but she was bleeding to death. Nevile told her he loved her, befour she died.

Harry and Ginny decided to get married, and they did. Two weeks later, they were found, and Nevile was killed by Bellatrix, who Hermione killed.

That was when they found the Weasleys. They were hiding up the attic, and they joined them. When they were betrayed by Percy, they tried to escape.

Arthur and Molly were killed, along with Charlie. Bill and an heavily pregnant Fluer manage ned to escort them to Shell Cottage.

Harry found out that Remus and Tonks were killed, and Teddy, their son, was missing. Fluer gave birth that night, and she and the child died.

Bill was upset, and killed himself. They were found, and the twins managed to hold them off so they could escape and find the last horcrux.

Ron and Hermione were found dead the next day, and they were captured. Harry and Ginny managed to escape, and headed to the Burrow.

Now they awaited their death, to join their loved ones. Voldermort destroyed the back door and came in with death eaters Lucious, Bellatrix and Percy.

They all hit them with the killing curse, and both of them fell down, dead. However, an green light exploded onto their eyes, killing them.

Even Tom Riddle's Horcruxes couldn't save him.

Harry and Ginny awoke, and saw Hermione sitting calmly behind an desk. "Hermione, wha-", Harry was cut off.

"You have done us proud Harry, Ginny", but the voice that came out was Albus Dumbledore. "What happened to Hermione", Harry asked, afraid.

"Because, you's two are going back in time to stop this for ever happening", he told them. "All of those have died, are destroyed when they raced the Neverland".

"What is Neverland", Ginny asked. "The place where Witches and Wizards go if they were good. The bad ones, such like Riddle, will be in Helish".

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