The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and other organizations have researched exoskeletons for combat for decades, but progress has been limited and the actual utility of such systems in combat is still debated (with no systems known to have reached more than prototype status). In 1986 the LIFESUIT was invented by Monty Reed, a US Army Ranger who had broken his back in a parachute accident. While recovering in the hospital, he read Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers and from Heinlein's description of Mobile Infantry Power Suits, he designed the LIFESUIT, and wrote letters to the military about his plans for the LIFESUIT. has been developing Exoskeletons since then. In 2001 LIFESUIT One (LSI) was built. In 2003 LS6 was able to record and play back a human gait. In 2005 LS12 was worn in a foot race known as the Saint Patricks' Day Dash in Seattle Washington. Monty Reed and LIFESUIT XII set the Land Speed Distance Record for walking in robot suits. LS12 completed the 3-mile race in 90 minutes. The current LIFESUIT prototype 14 can walk one mile on a full charge and lift 92 kg for the wearer.

In the early 2000s a number of companies and research centres developed the first practical models of human exoskeletons. One of the main uses is enabling a soldier to carry heavy weights (80–300 kg) while running or climbing stairs. Not only can a soldier carry more weight, he can wield heavier armor and weapons. Most models use a hydraulic system controlled by an on-board computer. They can be powered by an internal combustion engine, batteries or, potentially, fuel cells. Another area of application is medical care, nursing in particular. Faced with the impending shortage of medical professionals and the increasing number of people in elderly care, several teams of Japanese engineers have developed exoskeledtons designed to help nurses lift and carry patients.

Later in 2019, LIFESUIT Industries was born. They researched in creating state-of-the-art armor and weapons, mostly armor. The first Deep-Space Armor System was made around the time humanity began to explore the stars, and engage in space combat. As suits became more advanced, as did the humans that wore them. More and more soldiers later known as Strikers, became more commonly equipped with cybernetic augmentations, making a better soldier. The augments most commonly seen in Strikers in the battle are: - Neural Implants: These record medical conditions of soldiers and relay them to HQ, instantly alerting them if a soldier is injured or killed. - PCP-ER: This increases their strength and allows them better control over motor functions, a reverse effect of standard PCP. - Multiple Bone and Muscle Cybernetic Augmentations are surgically inserted to reduce the chance of a human suffering broken bones or pulling muscles.

With these implants, Strikers were able to life an averge of 3-8 tons and run atleast 25% faster than a normal human being, were also sneakier, and more agile. In 2023, LIFESUIT Industries branched off into multiple branches, and eventually, multiple industries by 2057. The most powerful became TITAN Industries, which specialised in creating even better soldiers. When TITAN was still apart of LIFESUIT, they were making super soldiers as early as 2035, never releasing this information to the public. Among the first succesful super soldier was not even human, but using a Positronic Brain, acted human. Due to being a Droid, it was 50x more powerful than a human, and could resist conditions not even Strikers could. In 2069, TITAN began human experiments. They focused on Pituitary Implants, increasing muscle density, and bone strength, aswell as inserting titanium onto the bones and into the bones themselves.

As their technology advanced, the TITANS as they were now called, were becoming less-and-less humane, as they began to become CYBORGS. The CYBORGS or ANDROIDS were taller, larger, and more muscular than a normal human. They eventually became known as the TITAN 1s at the time of the start of the Human-Zodiac war. They were made due to people complaining that they needed better soldiers. Some of The Implants used in making the TITAN 1s are listed below:

- Concentrated PCP Mk 2: This concetrated PCP increased human strength to 65x that of a normal human, meaning they are able to lift 45 to almost 75 tons, and run 10% faster than a normal human, running at speeds exceeding 25-30 mph. This is injected into the bone marrow and into the deep muscle. - Alderson Ear "Pituitary Implant": This increased size and muscle density. All patients of the ear (not really an ear) implanted inside their pituitary gland grew to around 6'10 and weighed around 300 pounds. This sometimes lead to Elephantisis. - Second Heart: Due to the increase in size, they needed more blood to flow around the body, a second heart is inserted into the Pelvis to increase blood flow. - Titanium Alloy: This powerful metal substance is implanted around the bones. - Titanium Carapace: Implanted beneath the skin, over the muscle, this mimics the skin, meaning the patient moves without effort.

After the TITAN 1s came the TITAN 2s, being around the same strength and speed, and basically possessed all the same implants.

The TITAN 3s came after, and were significantly larger and more powerful. They were divided into two main Creches, the Golem and Grendel.

Golem The Golems received almost all the implanst the TITAN 1s and 2s did, except instead of PCP, a drug called 'Angry Terror' was created using a combination of Muscle increasing and adrenaline increasing chemicals. This was injected into the bone marrow and the deep muscle.

Before the Golems were the prototypes. There were only 2 known patients, Adrean, and the heir of Titan Industries himself, Gregg Bogart. They used a completely different slew of implants, most of which were sickening. Adrean used the same implants of the Titan 1s and 2s along with the Angry Terror, giving her Strength far greater than that of both Titan 1s and 2s, and even Golems. Bogart used the sickening stuff. Below is some of the procedures:

- Recombinant DNA: Bogart used recombinant DNA on himself from multiple DNA strands that did not usually go together. This caused horrific mutation, and because of the mutation, he had to undergo ugly and grotesque surgery. - Cybernetic Augmentation: Bogart's almost entire skeleton had to be scanned and re-built. An alloy indo-skeleton was created and implanted into him. His first skeleton was his original one, but it did not conform to his new mutant body, which had an ape-like appearance from the recombinant DNA, and this new skeleton had to be built to conform to his muscle and body structure.

Those 2 things, and the combination of the Angry Terror and PCP, made him 20x stronger than a Titan 1 or 2. Later came the Grendel, which used the exact same procedures as Bogart, only without the PCP and the use of a Positronic brain, not used since the Number 9 incident.

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