The man who came to be known as Dr. Paul Alexander Breedlove, genetics guru and the Colonel Sanders of DNA was born Kurt von Schuler in Salzburg, Austria, July 4, 1931. The youngest of three children, his father manufactured harpsichords, a family business for over a century. Scientists of the rising Third Reich recruited Kurt, a child prodigy at eight years of age, to study in Berlin.

As a teenager, Kurt was exposed to the soulless experiments conducted on those imprisoned in concentration camps. Kurt was allowed to participate in many of his own experiments as well. A high-ranking German geneticist known only as "the Purist" mentored him in these efforts. The corrupt genius believed heredity traits could be artificially altered and guided Kurt through the bloodiest and most torture-based of his human experiments. When the Allies crushed the Axis powers in the mid 1940's, Kurt was still young enough not to be held responsible for any atrocities he had a hand in. Now sixteen, he was returned to Austria to live with his surviving older sister, the rest of his family having perished protesting Hitler's regime.

For the next few years, it appeared that Kurt had been reformed to a quiet life of building harpsichords in the von Schuler tradition under his sister's strict influence. It was then that the Purist re-entered his life in the guise of biology researcher/missionary, Alexander Breedlove.

The aging Nazi was still working for submerged factions of the Axis forces and needed an apprentice. Either brainwashed or simply waiting for the call, Kurt responded. A devastating fire conveniently destroyed the von Schuler workshop and home, killing his sister. From that point on, a handsome, studious nephew called Paul always accompanied the elderly Dr. Breedlove on his worldwide travels.

The next decade was a blur of activity for the Breedloves. Their privately funded missionary work took them all through Asia, Manchuria, dark Africa and South America. The old biologist and his ward were seen at various times giving care and extensive research to radiation victims in Japan, starving Aborigine tribes in Australia and troops of UN soldiers stationed as far away as Iceland. The exact purpose and agenda of this work has never been revealed, but the genetic knowledge gathered by the two men is presumed to have been far ahead of discoveries that were later made by Crick and Watson.

What is known is that in the 1950's, a secret agency of the US government brought down the Neo-Nazi regime that the Breedloves worked for. Now operating out of a laboratory in northern Canada, the elderly Dr. Breedlove was handed over to these agents with the help of Paul who had turned over to their side. As a result, the young Dr. Breedlove was allowed to emigrate with full status and immunity to the U.S.A. forming a relationship with government factions that still exist with his corporation to this day.

Dr. Breedlove eked out a humbled existence teaching in ivy-covered universities when he met Eleanor Singer, an attractive pediatric specialist from a prominent "old money" family. They married in 1961 and co-founded the Breedlove clinic in upstate New York, focusing on the prevention of birth defects. While appearing to be a benevolent enterprise, it was in fact the beginning of The Breedlove Foundation. Sponsored and protected by a handful of venture capitalists, influential politicians and visionary government scientists, Dr. Breedlove was allowed to apply the twisted genetics research he had accumulated over the last quarter of a century once again on human subjects. It is estimated that between 1964 and 1982 nearly 2,500 expectant mothers were "marked" with Breedlove techniques. In branch clinics that dealt with infertility and difficult pregnancies, an additional 13,000 parents of both sexes received some type of treatment during the same period. There were also unusually close ties to the Singer Society for Animal Care. The exterior results of the Breedlove Foundation were healthy babies, happy parents and praised advances in obstetrics. The true products, however, were a breed of mutants: genetically altered human children.

Breedlove was manipulating the DNA in the test subjects for an all new race of humans being sponsored by world governments for the military applications for these New Mutants. Now many of those children have grown up, and it has become increasingly difficult for the rest of the world to ignore the mutants in their midst. Genomex, under the direction of Mason Eckhart, on of the original scientists, seeks to exploit it's creations; others seek to protect them. A mutant Underground has sprung up, and one of the most prominent cells in that organization is Mutant X, a team of powerful mutants led by Adam Kane, formerly another one of the Genomex scientists who participated in the experiments which has altered our world forever.

Adam was once a Genomex scientist, until he grew disquieted with their questionable ethics, after his genetic research inadvertently helped create the new wave of mutant humans. With the assistance of a lover and colleague, he left Genomex and dropped out of sight. He helped to form the mutant Underground, and set up Mutant X, a team of powerful mutants who could fight, if necessary, to maintain mutant freedoms.

The Children of Genomex have been broken down into four categories of mutant: Ferals, Elementals, Moleculars and Psionics.

Ferals are New Mutants who have had their DNA spliced with that of an animal. They are generally very athletic, and possess many of the traits found in their host animal. Feral Felines are the most commonly found Feral Mutant. Types include cats, lions, tigers, etc. The other types from most common to rarest are Ursines (Bear), Canines (Dogs, Wolfs, etc), Porcines (Boar, Hog, Pig, etc), Cervine (Deer), Reptilians (Lizards, Snakes, etc), Amphibians (Frog, etc), and Piscis (Fish).

Psionic mutants have abilities with are associated with heightened mental capabilities. They are able to use their minds to manipulate others or to find out information from others. These abilities include being a telepath, telekinetic, telempath, tele-cyber, or illusionist, who has the ability to project unreal visuals or attitudes.

Molecular-based mutations give subjects attributes to manipulate their body structure which defy physical science. They have abilities which range from stealth abilities to the power to change ones molecular density. This also includes powers such as Intangibility, Imperviousness, Invisibility, Propulsion, Gravitation, Chromatics, Stasis-suspension, Replication, and the extremely rare Elasticity. It is not uncommon to find a Molecular with two or more of the listed abilities in combination.

The final types of mutant is the Elemental Mutant. Elementals have the ability to channel and project various energies through their bodies to manipulate the forces of nature. For example, some are walking electrical conductors, able to manipulate and use electricity in a multitude of ways. Others can control fire. There are also Elemental Thermals, Sonics, Chemicals, Botanicals and the extremely rare Geographicals.

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