"Hitch and Hiked"

Nick and Jerrick





Guest star(s)

Big Foot




August 26, 2011

Episode chronology
Previous episode

The Fog of Ghost

Next episode

Boys vs Girls

Featuring: Nick Lagory, Jerrick Washington, Chief Howard

Also Featuring: Highway Henry (Dies in episode)

Guest Starring: Big Foot


Nick and Jerrick's car breaks down far outside of Rose Beach, Florida which they are headed back too from a trip. They appear to be in the middle of nowhere in a forest with seemingly no way to get home. The duo stand on the side of the road within the forest and attempt to hitchhike. Nobody comes for hours and their only hope is Chief Howard who drives by in his police car. Chief Howard offers to give Nick a ride but doesn't offer Jerrick a ride because he hates Jerrick. Nick hopes in the car with Chief Howard and the two drive off, leaving Jerrick to fend for himself in the forest.

Jerrick remains in the forest into the night hours when he sees a car ride up and stop. Stepping out of hte car is a man named Henry. Henry opens up the truck of his car and pulls out a dead body. Henry then sees Jerrick and offers to give him a ride back to Rose Beach if he helps him dump the body. Jerrick doesn't care about the dead body and helps Henry dump the body. The two travel deep into the forest when Nick finds out why Henry killed the man. Henry is a serial killer nicknamed "Highway Henry" and he just loves to kill and admits he didn't need help dumping the body. Henry just wanted to kill Jerrick and then pulls out a stiletto. Jerrick attempts to fight off Henry but is stabbed several times. Jerrick drops to the ground dying and Henry flees.

At some point during his escape Henry came across Big Foot and was killed. Big Foot then finds a dying Jerrick and rescues him. Big Foot takes Jerrick back to his cave in the forest and treats his injuries. When Jerrick is well he becomes thankful to Big Foot for saving his life. Jerrick and Big Foot then begin dating althought he relationship is one sided as Jerrick does not know Big Foot's gender. When Big Foot begins to abuse Jerrick, Jerrick then calls the police on Big Foot's house phone. Chief Howard then responds to the call but when he finds out Jerrick is the victim he leaves and heads back to Rose Beach. The episode ends with Jerrick deciding to stay with Big Foot.


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