The Alien Homeworld or Hiveworld was the original Homeworld of the Space Jockies before it was taken over by the Xenomorphs.

Early History

It is unknown what planet the Xenomorphs originated from, but there they were kept in check by local predators, however, they were discovered by the Space Jockies, and specimens were taken off world, and the planet was nuked from orbit. For many decades the Jockies used the Alien's Hive webbing to build their cities, ships and armor, aswell as weapons. For nearly one-hundred years Jockie ships were constantly found crashed on worlds by neighboring civilizations, and other than this, they thrived, until one day, a young Female escaped.


The Jockies died off by the hundreds, thousands, and eventually millions, by the time the Hive was found, it was already too late. The Jockies destroyed themselves attempting to destroy the Aliens in the process, their race was exterminated by the weapons they had built to protect themselves, and so, Hiveworld became what it is today, a dead planet. The Jockies had taken the Aliens out of their natural environment, now where there was once predators and prey... there was only prey.

Galactic Colonization

Following the colonization of Hiveworld the major colonization of dozens of other planets in the same system fell under Xenomorph control aswell. These Alien Ruler Hives thrived for many more eras, until in 2386...

The Return of Ellen Ripley

In 2386, Ellen Ripley lead the Final Contact Resistance, a band of rebel Marines and Humans who were against the USM and all for exterminating the Alien Race. They landed on Hiveworld, and managed to capture an Alien Hive Queen and detonate a bomb which destroyed Hiveworld and all life on it. The state of the other Ruler Hives is unknown, but it suspected that they were next on the hit list.

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