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" | boast strength and armor: Repairs his allies and himself unleashes several cannons in his truck mode

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unleashes several cannons in his truck mode

Everybody must submit to his maintenance schedule, even Optimus Prime, and no excuse is ever good enough for Hoist. And he has a good reason for being so strict: even though his job usually keeps him away from the front lines, he knows how important it is that all the Autobot warriors are operating at peak efficiency when they engage in battle. He genuinely enjoys his job, as indicated by the jovial manner in which he performs it. And he's good at his job, too; whether the problem is a full engine overhaul or the smallest leaky gasket, his comrades are confident that Hoist will find it.

During most of the Transformers Wars he help Grapple with the construction of many Autobot bases. During a battle on Hoth he was petrified by Gigatron when the Autobots tried to team up against Gigatron. He was later unpetrified after Gigatrons defeat.

Hoist participated in the battle of Korriban where he help defeat the Terrorcons and Devastator but was badly injured by Darth Grievous's Sith Magic.

Hoist and Grapple were hailed as heros after the Transformers Wars as the duo help build a space bridge that connects the Star Wars and Transformers dimensions together.

Dark FutureEdit

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Hoist was killed by the Sith during the Autobots last stand against Darth Grievous. Despite his efforts he was overruned by giant insects which rip him appart.


As a tow truck, Hoist can haul up to 400,000 pounds. In robot mode, he is one of the strongest of the Autobots. From his wrist sockets, he can launch heat-seeking missiles up to 4.5 miles. The full spectrum multi-sensor module he wears behind his head can determine an object's composition, density, tensile strength, energy properties and often even its function with a mere sweep of its triple beams. The beams have an operating range of 1200 yards, making Hoist an effective and valued scout at times.

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