Harry Potter. Neville Longbottom is the Boy Who Lived. Harry runs away, and returns to Hogwarts as Brian Andrew Jones. Harry/Ginny


James Harry Potter screamed in pain as Bellatrix Lestrange tortured him. Her brother in law and husband were searching for Lily Rose Potter and their son Harry James Potter.

Barty Crouch Jr. was on the look out for anyone entering the manor. "What has the Longbottom Prat done to the dark lord", Bellatrix screamed in fury.

Lily turned around and screamed as she saw Rodolphus and his brother Rabastan Lestrange burst into the room. She had hid Harry in the closet.

"Come on, pretty girl. Where is the dark lord", Rabastan asked as sweetly as he could. "Dead you bastard", Lily shouted. "Get her", Rodolphus shouted.

Lily screamed as Rabastan pushed her on the bed. "Take this filthy mudblood", both of them yelled in unison.

Lily's screams was heard through the Manor. James was unconscious, and Harry was silently crying. "Aurors", Bellatrix screamed as the door blasted open.

Harry James Potter was took to the Dursleys the next day. James and Lily were sent to St. Mungos. James was confused and couldn't speak. He can't remember his own name.

Lily always stared at the wall, silently. She hadn't spoken since the day she was raped by Rodolphus and Rabastan. The only thing she did was take her potion, eat and sleap.

Dursley House

"Boy", Vernon shouted at a three year old Harry. "Clean these dishes", he yelled. Harry nodded, and quickly sprinted to the kitchen.

Harry did what he was told to do, and then he noticed the back door was open. Harry turned around to see if Vernon, Petunia or even Dudley were looking. They weren't.

Harry quickly sprinted out of the room, and disapeard with a POP. Harry soon relised he was in a alleyway, and tried to search for a house.


Brian Andrew Jones eat hungrly at the peice of sandwhich he had revieced from the old woman. He thanked her when he was finished and ran off.

Ever since he escaped from the Dursleys, Harry was taken in by the Jones Family. Stephen Daren Jones and his wife Penelope Annabel Jones lived with their daughter, Khyla.

However, Penelope changed his name, and the Jones turned out to be worse than the Dursleys. So Brian yet again ran away, and he was homeless.

More to be continued.

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