Horror is home is an friends fanfiction.Rachel is disturbed when one of their neighbors go missing and weird noises are heard.When Phoebe breaks her arm,Rachel starts to believe that there is an evil spirit in the building.When the spirit possesses one of the friends,Rachel trys to prove their is an ghost and is not crazy,While saving her friends lifes.

One Neighbor Gone Missing

The lights danced on,As people continued their everyday work.Rachel Green was one of those people,Continueing her work in central perk."Gunther",Rachel asked the birght haired man."Yes",Gunther looked at his crush.He had fell in love with her when she got the job there."Is it okay if i go",Rachel asked."Yeah",Gunther put an fake smile on his face.

"Thanks,Bye",Rachel danced of out of central perk.She was going to see her boyfriend and friends.It was weird how they were not at central perk all day.Rachel walked up the apartments stairs when she saw her neighbor,Nick Stone,Crying over something."Is everything okay",Rachel asked the brown headed man.

"No,It's Sarah.She has gone missing since yestaday",Nick sobbed harder and went in his apartment and slammed the door.That must be why Ross and that never showed up,Rachel thought as she walked back to apartment 20.

Rachel opened the door,And saw Phoebe and Monica chatting in the couch."Thanks for showing up today",Rachel sacarstickly spoke.Monica turned around and Rachel screamed.She was missing an eye,And the other was haning off through an thred.Rachel collapsed,Hitting the door."Oh my god",Rachel screamed.Phoebe got up,And Rachel saw that her face was the same as Monica's.

Rachel grabbed the handler and hurriedly opened the door.She closed it and started to scream.Rachel ran up to apartment 19 and was surprised to see it was locked.The door opened and Joey was there."Joey,Monica and Phoebe have chan...",Rachel then fell down in shock when she looked at Joey.He was covered in blood."I know",He smiled.Befour Rachel could scream,Joey slammed the knife right on Rachel's chest.

Rachel woke up.She found herself in central perk."Rach,It's time to go",Gunther's voice was heard."Oh sorry",Rachel smiled as she walked out of central perk.She was freezing the second she walked out.

When Rachel walked in the apartment,She heard crying coming from upstairs.Rachel slowly walked up to stairs and saw Nick crying."Whats wrong",Rachel asked.She was horrifed that her dream was coming true.

"It's Sarah,She is gone",Nick sobbed harder,Just like the dream.He walked in the apartment and slammed the door.Monica and Phoebe are going to die,Rachel thought as she opened the door.She saw everyone but Chandler looking at her."Whats wrong,Babe",Ross asked her.

"Nothing.Hard day at work",Rachel dropped the handbag."Get a room",Phoebe cried out when Ross walked up and kissed her on the lips."Hey,Guys want to hear a song i made",Phoebe cried out in happiness as they watched her to sit on the chair at the front.

When the spirit was found

The others were dead

But the survivors wanted bread

And someday we would be found dead

Why in this cursed house

Does the mouse stay in the basement

And someday we would be found dead

But the survivors wanted bread

Rachel and the others watched her,And they lied that the song was great.Rachel was wondering where she heard the song from.Even though Phoebe made it up,It reminded her of the building.Befour she could be in her own world,The television fell down and crashed,Much to everyones horror.

Two The Accident

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